Aug 27, 2010

My Thursday

So yesterday was my favourite day of the week - MARKET DAY! (which I post about reguarly - check out here and here). It also conincided with my last day of college for the semester which was nice. 3 weeks off now!

Bananas, papayas, so much kale, herbs, apples, oranges, mandarins, watermelon, cauliflower, broccoli, custard apples, coconuts... as usual the list goes on.
The amount of produce in boxes Brock brought home last night was INCREDIBLE! I think we're going to have to have people over every night to finish it all!! Our fridge is PACKED, all the fruit bowls are full (of course there's more than one fruit bowl in a raw vegan house), and there's extra boxes stacked under the counter!! WE'RE SURROUNDED!!

The deliveries came in early at work, I unloaded them all, spread it all out, packed up all the orders we had to do...

...then had the front of the shop BURSTING with fresh produce that looked and smelt AMAZING. I LOVE doing the display and making everything look FANTASTICALLY SCRUMPTIOUS!!

Loads of greens of course

Then I ran out and bolted to college, last few hours for the term, and later spent some time with Brock and Tsung at the MARKETS before jetting back to work again to make the deliveries for the day. Busy Busy! I LOVE IT!!

However by the time Brock and I can sit down and relax after the longest day of the week for both of us (getting up at 430am and 6am respectivley) it's almost 830pm. And so yesterday we sat down to something a little spesh... NACHOS! It was SO good!

Using the corn chips I made last Sunday (along with so many other yummies you can see here), I layered the corn chips with capsicum bits, tomatoes chunks, sweet corn, guacamole, chilli salsa, and nutritional yeast flakes (not wanting nut or seed cheese). OMG! It was incredible! And we had big green salads to go with it.

And then crashed :)

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  1. Hi Christie

    I'm so sorry for the delay in replying to you! Of course I will give you the recipe for the choc pudding, whats your email address hon?

    Tash xxx