Aug 24, 2010

My FunDay SunDay

So one of my favourite things to do is to have SO MUCH TIME to spend in the kitchen. KITCHEN FUN! Uninterrupted. Sun shining in. Music on. Get in my groove. And that's exactly what I did all Sunday.
I had initially "planned" to do college work all day, and make one or two raw things, but instead made raw things all day, and did (less than) one or two college things :)

So I began...

We had loads of corn this week after the markets and I've wanted to make corn chips ever since going raw. Sunday was the day. They turned out GREAT and the touch of chilli is DELICIOUS! Super easy, I'm looking forward to making a big bowl of NACHOS sometime this week for dinner - complete with guacamole, tomatoes, more chilli, and maybe some sprouted beans blended up like refried beans!!

At the same time they were in the dehydrator I also had sesame-chia snaps doing their thing. Something else I had wanted to make for a while, it's the raw version of those crunchy sweet sesame snaps I used to love. So yummy, a little chewy, a little crunchy. Perfect sweet tooth fix. And good for you! Chia seeds and sesame seeds together = LOADS of calcium!

Then this one... WOW! This recipe is one I got off Heathy's blog SO LONG ago. Vanilla Oatmeal Bars. I've been wanting to create this one for AGES (am I sounding like a brocken record?)! It looks tricky and there are a fair few ingredients but it's a sinch! And OH MY GOD! Incredibly sweet and immensley calorific... but it's incredible.

I cut it up into tiny little pieces coz it was so sweet - and so it will last much longer :)

Think oaty-coconutty-sugary-anzac-cookie-like base... sweet and solid... as your teeth melt down through the top layer of soft coconutty-cashew-deliciousness that's sweeter than anything else... goji berries dotted throughout...

And with some of the base mix I made little biscuits as well - they taste like raw anzac cookies. MMM

I took a break to catch up with mum over a cup of tea... then was back to PLAYING!

Brock came home and said he had invited close mates of ours round for dinner... so I kept going... brain ticking... What shall I make?!?!

And so the Sunday night menu was as follows...

Green soup

Beetroot salad with parsley and orange

Cauli/parsnip rice salad with corn, tomatoes, coriander, lemon and lime

Cabbage salad with zucchini, basil and spring onions... but the dressing MADE it! Curry powder, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, agave, tamari, apple cider vinegar... few other bits n bobs

And then dessert. A dinner party isnt a dinner party without dessert.
Wanting to make something real spesh, my brain was going a million miles an hour trying to think of something different...

fruit? bananas? we had no berries... avocado? I didnt want so much fat... but pudding perhaps? left over chia gel from the sesame-chia snaps? could do pudding with that... left over vanilla cream from the oatmeal bars? again that's so high in calories... hmmm... cacao... blended bananas... nut-based fruit pie? layered parfait? sorbet?

All I can say is that with confusion comes clarity... and with all that came these babies...

Shall I call them my... vanilla-chia-choc-banana-walnut-crumble-layered-parfaits... topped with sliced bananas and goji berries :)

Sounds good to me. Quite a mouthful. Pardon the pun.

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