May 30, 2010

When you think the fridge is empty.

The past two days our fridge has been almost empty of FRESH VEGGIES for lunches and dinners… yet I have some how managed to come up with some damn tasty meals much to my surprise!

Ingredient numero uno - Cabbage.
Enough said for some. Not for me. I LOVE the stuff. Red. Green. Chinese. Savoy. It's cheap, always available, and the combinations I can create with it are ENDLESS making it PERFECT for when you think there's nothing in the fridge. ADD ANYTHING TO IT!

For lunch the other day I chopped CARROTS, RED ONIONS and PARSLEY. Added a dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, maybe a bit of agave too I dont remember. Salt. Pepper. Voila.

Cabbage is a BEAUTY FOOD so rich in sulphur. I feel BEAUTIFUL eating it.

Then lunch today... After a morning of shopping with mum I came home with a very healthy appetite. But with minimal ingredients???
I’ve always got GREENS so usually start with that – and I had ZUCCHINI so decided to grate it instead of my usual quick slicing job. I found a BEETROOT in the drawer and thought I’d do the same. A bit of AVO, drizzle of cold pressed olive oil. Presto! Alongside a piece of my raw bread that lasts forever in my fridge so I've always got some... A very fine juicy colourful Sunday lunch!

Then dinner.
What to eat when mum was cooking a roast! I'd usually try my hand at something along the same lines only RAW-STYLE, but coming home from the gym at 6pm I wasn’t feeling all that adventurous with the little bit of time I had to prep my meal, so again I had the GREENS… got some finely sliced strips of ZUCCHINI (love the stuff of late), some tasty PUMPKIN mum had got for her roast… TUMERIC and olive oil. Easy. Tasty.

And to top it all off… there's always frozen fruit in my freezer so I threw BANANAS and BLUEBERRIES in the blender with some carob, lecithin and a drizzle of agave. Delish!

So with what I thought was a fridge full of not alot - I surprised myself!

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