May 20, 2010

Market Day Yay!

This morning I was down at Crows Nest Markets again after a 7.15am staff meeting (I know!!) but I've always been a morning person so the half hour walk from Brocks place at 630am was BLISSFUL. I love seeing the world slowly wake up - birds singing, car head lights shining bright, the sky above a little frosty, and everything is pretty quiet... but bit by bit things start to emerge, awaken and SPRING to LIFE! And I LOVE IT!

Market Day has always been a highlight of my week. The energy there, everyone interacting, people getting into dancing, mingling, chatting to strangers... I met a woman this morning who has learnt and studied the ancient art of Ayruveda which is something I've been dying to learn more about, and after chatting for a while she offered me her time so I can learn more about it next week :) WOW

I get a BUZZ out of helping the boys out with the feminine touches (note the beautiful black board sign - done by yours truely), then 'loiterring' around I like to say, munching away on THE GREATEST TASTING BANANAS EVER (although I know I'm biased as they are the staple fruit in my diet), having friends stop by, and chatting to all the locals I know from years working in the area at different places!! Still it makes me laugh how alot of locals have no idea what I do. I'm a little here-there-and-everywhere and it's just the way I like it!

Market Massage anyone??

But of course I go down to stock up on my ORGANICS for the week - I LUGGED home BANANAS (cant live without them - and hopefully getting more later due to my little arms unable to carry the amount I can eat), navel oranges, apples, 2 big bunches of fennel, a huge bunch of Scottish kale which is FANTASTIC, the biggest custard apple I've ever seen, some sweet red crimson grapes, a couple of baby carrots and 2 ripe avocados. Mmm.

Check out the salad I made when I got home - Scottich kale, avocado, tumeric root, zucchini, celery leaves, pepita seeds, olive oil, lime juice and a touch of sea salt

Next Thursday I'm working though! Guess I'll see you there on my lunch break :D Happy munching


  1. As always, love reading your Blog - it makes me wish I was a local so that I could visit the Market. Your salad looks delicious - hmm... I am getting hungry. Also I wouldn't mind a Market Massage! Look forward to seeing you in June x

  2. scottish kale?!?! I haven't seen, but now i WANT!