May 10, 2010

Food Fit For a Queen

Mothers Day was yesterday and as always, my sister and I (the third sister being out of town) had a few things up our sleeves for the day, starting with a late lazy breakfast for our special mum :)

It was beautifully sunny and warm for mid-Autumn so Mum, Lisa and I relaxed and blissed out on the back deck over a scrumptious pancakes, hot tea, fresh orange juice, and sliced fruit.

Ok so these little babies aren't RAW but mum isn't either. And as much as she is always willing to try my raw creations, Mother's Day is her day. And she likes her food cooked.

Check them out tho! I've never made such PERFECT pancakes in my LIFE!!

I call these my Perfectly Cooked Coconut Pancakes!! And served them with sliced bananas and AMAZING punchy passionfruit.

Mum was absolutley LOVING them! A relaxing home made brekkie (made by someone else) is always good anyway is it not? So when it TASTES INCREDIBLE all the better ;D
But let's not forget the RAW PANCAKES. They're from Rawmazing and indeed they were RAWMAZING!

Think subtle crunch of tasty flaxseeds mixed with a coconutty goodness and soft juicy bursts of blueberries... mmm (so happy I've got left-overs).

The rest of the day kinda flew by like a breeeeeeeze as we had brekkie so late... Mum and I went to the gym late afternoon and then before we knew it, dinner time was near.

And I went all out and tried my hand at my first RAW LASAGNA!!

A nice big green side salad and then washed it down with this...

All raw Chocolate-Brazil nut ice cream... Butter Pecan ice cream... Choc-Chip-Chai ice cream... all topped with goji berries, cinnamon and a chocolate coconut gooey fudge sauce :)

What a day!

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  1. Love your creations - everything looks so delicious!!!