May 1, 2010

Does it get any better than this??

SUNDAY ends the week for some, it begins the week for others. For me, I think it's more an ending thing, but with EXCITEMENT for the next week to come! I cannot wait for what's up next as this past week has been INCREDIBLE!!! (NOTE: I began writing this up on Saturday, so this post is not dated SUNDAY like it should be)

MONDAY I did some groceries, had the house to myself, made some belated Anzac Cookies, saw a friend for a tea, and had dinner with mum after her weekend away.

My well stocked kitchen box

Home made, delicious smelling, Anzac Cookies (not raw - but tradition)

TUESDAY I was out the door before 830am for a Naturopathy appointment which was FANTASTIC - this guy is AMAZING and without asking anything about why I was there, confirmed all my reasons; my bowels, my hormones, my acne, my lymph nodes... and I literally bounced out with new herbs to take so EXCITED to finally feel like I was getting somewhere with all my upsets. I then saw an old girlfriend who I hadn't seen in YEARS and we chatted over tea and coffee having a BLAST! Bought some new nutrition books on sale (slight obsession they're but admittedly they're my only vice people), and later I got a bunch of phone calls from people asking ME if I was interested in working with THEM! I've been wanting to work more of late but was specific about what I wanted, and this week, IT ALL CAME AT ONCE!! Universe working its magic :) 2hrs of yoga and cardio at the gym, I was BUZZING! And then off for one amazing job interview :)

Raw porridge - oat groats, almonds, goji berries, sunflower seeds, buchwheat, cacao nibs, coconut, cinnamon, and a drizzle of agave syrup

WEDNESDAY I was up early again, this time for my first infra red sauna (OMG AMAZING) followed by my regular gravity-method colonic that I LOVE (if you've never tried it I can see you cringe, if you have, you understand my bliss). Then, another job interview, I saw one of my clients, and I later rearranged my pantry from the shopping I had done on Monday (a strange obsession I have) :)

THURSDAY, 6am, my favourite gym class :) Mid morning ANOTHER job interview (the one I was most excited about; my all-time-favourite health food store) and then chilling with Brock and Tsung at the Organic Markets in Crows Nest. I've become a bit of a loiter really, haha, but I figure having worked in the area for over 18 months, I know all the locals so it's more of a weekly catch up :)
I had lunch on the grass in the sun with my friend Beate and we chatted for HOURS about so much it was so ENERGISING to see her. Afternoon bliss.

Raw coleslaw - cabbage, carrot, parsley, red onion, and a tangy cashew nut dressing

Protein smoothie - pears, apple, spinach, spirulina, chia seeds, protein powder, lucuma, coconut oil, goji berries, carob powder, mesquite powder

FRIDAY I ran some errands, saw a friend about some work involving my LOVE of good food, got a new yoga DVD and veged out on the couch with mum and Lisa over PIZZA and a movie :)

Raw pizza - BEST EVER BASES topped with a sundried tomato sauce, greens, marinated zucchini and capsicum, a big blob of avocado, poppy seeds and chili oil

SATURDAY was mum's birthday. Lisa and I made her brekkie and did the pressie thing. Then mum and I went out to look at a garden not far as it was National Permeculture Day. FASCINATING STUFF! Although this womans garden looked a little higgelty-piggelty for my liking :) GREAT gym session late arvo and then... I called the health food store. THE JOB IS MINE!!! And I start Tuesday :) :) :)

Saturday night dinner - Left over marinated vegies with extra yellow squash with my cos/kale salad

My home made raw apple crumble for mums birthday - complete with raw butter pecan ice cream

And then TODAY was the 5th annual VEGAN EXPO! I LOVE this and volunteer to help out every year I can. I was up early and out at Petersham for 7am bump-in. Doors opened at 10am and everything was go go go! Mandee and I then helped out at the Tea and Empathy stall- so happy to have our green tea after 3hrs setting up :) It was SO BUSY this year, everyone was having a ball; the food stands had people lining up all day, the speakers had every seat in the house filled, people were wandering around at their own pace taking in what they were ready too and interested to learn more about EVERYTHING VEGAN! Surrounded by like minded folk, BOOKS, FOOD, fun, laughter, and catching up with friends new and old, it's a MUST on my calendar every year :)

Mandee and I - I look like I have antlers haha

Jessica from the Cruelty Free Shop - I got some new mineral makeup :)

Munching away on choc-coated-pepita-covered-frozen-bananas mmm

And of course, dotted in and out of my week, as always, I had alot of KITCHEN FUN!! I LOVE IT!

Raw bread with nut macadamia nut butter, hemp seed butter and little drops of agave for brekkie with The Sydney Magazine


  1. So Great to read your Blog. I can hear your Excitement!!! Congratulations on your new job - FANTASTIC to be working in the Industry that you Love. Go You for staying true to your dreams!!!

  2. such an amazing week!!! you are such an inspiration :) love you!!!

  3. Aw, I love that piccie of us! Had such a good day with you :D And congrats on the new job, you sound so excited and you deserve to work somewhere awesome!