Jun 2, 2010

Sweet. Salty. Soft. Crunchy.

Sometimes, I find that emotional upsets can have a big effect on my eating - good, bad or indifferent. Sometimes I want to eat more, sometimes I want to eat nothing at all. Sometimes completely different foods. None of it is BAD, it's just reason to stop and think. Stop and feel. Take a minute out to breathe. Find out what's going on inside.

After a GREAT day at work, I let myself get beaten up by an email of unpleasant news and a quick work-related conversation that didn't end well either.

So this afternoons events impacted on my dinner. I was STARVING prior to dinner having not eaten alot during the day, however I couldn't be bothered eating. I didn't have the strength to think of what to make, what I felt like, and then MAKE IT!

However, I decided to S-L-O-W-L-Y conjur up enough strength to put something together, whether I then ate or not (it could've been tomorrow's lunch) and I was so glad I did.

Scottisk Kale greens thrown in my bowl with thin slices of beetroot and pumpkin, a little avocado I had, some parsley, and a handful of walnuts.
To dress it up... drizzles of olive oil and caramalised balsamic vinegar with a sprinkle of sea salt. Perfect complements and contrasts. Sweet. Salty. Soft. Crunchy. AMAZING! And with a small piece of my raw pizza bread on the side, I was feeling much better afterwards!

Feet up. Home alone. Master Chef on the box. This quick blog and now I'll hit the sack. Nothing like good healthy food (and a small bowl of ice cream), some no-brainer TV and an early night to soothe the soul :)


  1. Your salads look so amazing...

  2. now that's what i call making the most of a situation. kudos to that awesome salad you threw together, and kudos to you for not letting the mood dictate your nourishment :D

  3. Hi There Christie! I love some of your ideas. The Zucchini pasta has recently become a new discovery for me. I'm on a 30 day challenge of eating a high raw vegan diet and this just about saved my relationship with my husband! I'm over at www.barefootboomboom.com and would love if you had the time to stop by. Nice to meet you!