Jul 30, 2013

A Chilly Tuesday in Sydney

It's Tuesday morning here in chilly Sydney - yes that's right, I'm in Sydney - but I'm managing to stay warm with the heater on at dad's place, my step mothers wool sweater on, the spare slippers on my feet (yep they've got them for when we come to stay), and both nettle tea and Nespresso next to me.

I've flown down for the P!nk concert (which is on tonight and I am super duper excited - pics will be in my newsletter this Friday and no doubt all over InstagramTwitter and Facebook) but I always extend a Sydney trip a few extra days to see friends, family, and jet all town visiting, seeing and eating my way through all my favourite spots. So allow me to relive my past few days with you...

+ French Forest Markets; every Sunday this has to be my all-time favourite markets ever! Loads of people always go making this a bustling morning (or midday trip) amongst friends and loved ones. And by loved ones I mean green juices and smoothies, wood smoked salmon steaks, organic produce, superfoods and herbs, tea and coffees, fresh artisan breads, books, music, crystals and so so much more.

Photo from here
+ Bondi; usually to see my best friends and owners/creators/crazy-amazing-business-peeps of Simply Raw bars, but as we couldn't tee up a proper long catch up this time, I sneakily dropped by, buzzed their door, and ran in for hugs and kisses before having to race off again. I also met a girlfriend for takeaway lunch from The Suv(eran), spent the following 90 minutes sitting in pure warm sunshine by the lake at Centennial Park munching away and chatting about life and lessons, before a Bondi walk with Mel (from Path to Wellness), and a look-see at our country's most famous beach. Bliss.

+ Home; this was always mum's place and the home I grew up in for over 20 years, but now it's a new home as mum has moved to warmer sea breezes in the Sunny Coast, and Dad, once in chilly beautiful Bowral, is back in Sydney with my step-mum. So they are in a new place also. There has been a lot of moving in my family but wherever we are, if we are together, it's all good. Having a place to stay, sleeping in big cozy doonas, lazying on the lounge or out in the sun, getting cuddles, eating amazing food, and being surrounded by loved one's makes my life worthwhile.

That's my set-up this morning - not bad hey?

+ Crows Nest; Ingredients For Health (my old beloved job) and Taste Organics (where any new amazing product will definitely be found - like Botanical Cuisine's delicious goodies), as well as bumping into old faces, feel-good cafes, chilling on the grass with friends and new babies, chasing the magpies and thus getting shat on - yes it happened to me. But it's good luck isn't it?

+ Run arounds; always exhilarating! I get such a thrill from knowing I've gotta go here, then there, then over there to see friends, buy things, eat things, or whatever it may be, in and around Sydney. But my sister's zippy little car with an amazing sound system, I have to admit, it a huge part of the thrills for me. Singing, wind in my hair, high on life... I'm sure some of you can relate to this strange little pleasure of mine. Cairns is loads quieter and calmer (and our car stereo is crappola) so the difference is obvious and FUN!
Ducking in for hellos with my yoga teacher, dropping by elsewhere to buy a brand new fancy-pants yoga ma (I am soooo excited to get down and do my dog people!!), tea in the sun with my cousin here, catch up with girls there, loads of chatting, laughing, seeing friends with gorgeous little babies (ooh is it getting to that time already..?), totally lapping up this sunshine, hello, is this not amazingly gorgeous here right now?

So a trip to Sydney town is always loaded with fun, good food, friends, family, and sunshine. The way life is meant to be. And I'm grateful to be living life the way I love too.

Christie xx

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