Jul 3, 2013

6 months in... A 2013 Goals Recap

We've just passed the 6 month mark can you believe it?!? Ahh! It seems every year when we're an adult goes by so fast, but as a kid they go so slow. Why is that? Hmmm... food for thought.

Anyway, I wanted to share the goals I had for this year, to remind me of them, see if I'm on the right track, make changes, tick boxes, be held accountable, and so on. I'm not going to list them all but here's most of them.

My gorgeous goddess body goals:

+ Regular yoga practice
+ Dry body brushing daily
+ Continue healing until I feel my best ever
+ Let go and release my acne for good
+ Be grateful for what I have
+ Abs of steel, tight perky bum, sexy arms - not superficial right?

My Blog/Biz goals:

+ Have a new website up and running by December
+ Blogging weekly - I'm reaching you guys 3x weekly in fact!
+ 2 work shifts each week
+ Learn more (nutrition etc) through work
+ Do work experience to learn even more
+ Use myself as my own client and walk my talk
+ Believe I Am Enough

My creative goals:

+ Play around with web designs - I've played... but yet to decide
+ Do a vision board for 2013
+ Paint/draw/colour/dance more

Spiritual goals:

+ To meditate more than I am now (which was zilch)
+ Work with my chakras more and heal solar plexus issues
+ Read more metaphysical and personal development books

Family and Friends goals:

+ See mum 2-4 times this year - I've seen her twice!
+ See my younger sister 2-4 times this year - I've seen her twice!
+ See my big sis weekly - although Id like to make it a beautiful tea or chit chat more than just a quick hi and bye, so really I'm still working on this one
+ Meet new amazing gorgeous friends in Cairns - have I ever!
+ Get out and do more in Cairns to meet amazing people

Personal goals:

+ Heal my skin issues - I've made big leaps but not totally there yet
+ Practice self love
+ Don't sweat the small stuff - I'm way better at this one!
+ BREATHE - getting there
+ Laugh more

And of my list of ~72 Things To Do in 2013~, I have ticked off:

+ Visiting and healing in Asia with my man
+ Going to Darwin
+ Eating fresh durain
+ Riding my bike more
+ Make great new friends
+ Do nothing the first day of my period
+ Get a hair mineral analysis test
+ Hook me up some coaching sessions
+ Buy a sexy big black Nikon camera
+ Eat mammey sapotes
+ Practice self love
+ Live in amazing houses
+ Attitude of Gratitude
+ Get facials often - just begun this recently
+ Watch inspiring movies

How have your 6 months of 2013 been? Spectacular? A little less dazzling? Either way, it was perfect for you to learn and grow the way you are meant too. And there's still 6 months left of this beautiful year so anything you wanted to achieve, see, feel, touch, do, taste, hear or make can still be done.

So what are you waiting for?  

What else are you manifesting and heading for the rest of the year? Share in the comments below.

Christie x x

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