Jul 8, 2013

What's Rocking My World Right Now

Happy Monday morning to you! I hope you had a super fab weekend. Mine was full of study and writing blog posts and I am so grateful I had an entire weekend to myself to do so much!

So continuing on with my gratitude I wanted to share a few things that I am loving at the moment...

+ Amazonia Acai Frozen sachets

Energy all day everyday? Yes please. Acai to the rescue. I love the frozen sachets in the blender with loads of other goodies, then slopped into a big bowl and topped with more delicious goodies. Eat this daily for two weeks and you're sure to notice the difference in your energy levels.

+ Yoga on DVD

Hello my love. I'm sorry I left you for so long. But now I'm back and happier than ever to see you every (other) day. Let's not part again for so long :)

+ Digging deeper down my health issues

Sounds ironic doesn't it? And yes, at times it does feel like s sh*t fight. But this is perhaps the reason I decided to become a practitioner; I love digging and finding out the root causes of issues so I can help people. I get a buzz out of figuring it all out. Probs the same reason I love maths. I have gratitude for all my issues as without them, I may have never realised this little passion of mine.

+ Coffee enemas

You've no doubt read about these somewhere; I know Jess Ainscough from The Wellness Warrior is a huge fan. I've been doing these on and off for a few years, and during my Thailand trip, of course I did none, so to get back home and get back into them again, I am one happy lady :)

+ Bone broth

For the same reasons as above; I didn't have it for months and now I'm back guzzling the stuff, healing my gut, eliminating my knee pain, and filling my body with minerals and good fats galore! Read more about why I think it's freakin' amazing here

+ Clinic hours at college

Oh Lordy this is what I have been waiting for! After so many text books readings, assessments, exams, health issues and more... finally I get to work with real people and not mock-humans! And I'm abso-tootily loving every single minute of it!

+ My new desk, chair and printer = $50

Gotta love some Gumtree bargains and second hand shopping. What's more exciting is that I have a brand spankin' new BIG desk so I feel like a big kid now (complete with study books and papers all over it already!) The space. The drawers. Oh it's total heaven :)

+ Me time

To myself. Quiet reading under the doona. Journal writing and day dreaming. Stillness away from town. My yoga practice fits in here. This space grounds me, centres me, calms me and honestly, it keeps me sane. Without it I'm a total mess. Knowing this, honouring this, and putting me first is making leaps and bounds of differences.

+ Girlfriends

Who can't live without them seriously? And I am lucky to have such great girlfriends; of which my two amazing sisters are included. Chatting more, making the time, cafe lunches, sharing juices, laughing, even working together; whatever we do is good for me!

What's going on for you that's totally rocking your world right now? Share in the comments below.

Christie xx

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