May 29, 2013

Struggling with energy level slumps? 8 Ways to pick yourself up and bouce back!

We've all been there right? Feeling a little sleepier and a little lazier, our exercise routine disappears, our diet gets sloppy, and then we struggle to get out of bed. Day-to-day seems like an uphill battle and unless we have clear and defined reasons as to why this is all happening for us, we only make matters worse trying to battle against it.

Here are 8 of my top tips to get yourself feeling the way you used too and the way we ought too - energised, happy and full of vitality.

+ Get out of bed and move; this can be the toughest but is also the most important. Getting out of bed and donning a pair of runners to go for a walk or a jog (bike ride, swim, whatever you fancy) gets our circulation going, gets blood flow to our head, moves our lymphatic system around, and gets our heart rate going. It also helps to spike up our cortisol levels – cortisol is our stress hormone that is naturally at it’s highest in the morning (and the reason why we can get much more done in the mornings than in the afternoons). But if we’re struggling to get out of bed, then our hormones are not working at their best and adrenal fatigue is possibly starting to appear. By ramping up our cortisol when it should be doing so itself, we are encouraging the normal rhythms of our hormones, and also helping to prevent cortisol to be sky high at the other end of the day (Night owls? Tired and wired?) when it should be at it’s lowest. Exercise can also flush bacteria and waste from the body through the lungs and via sweating, and doing it in the morning kinda ‘set’s up your day’; you can listen to your fav tunes, train your thoughts to think positively whilst you enjoy the scenery, and practice deep breathing all at the same time.

+ Start your day with lemon or ACV in water; we’ve all heard it before and there’s good reason. Either of these gets your digestion system up and ready for whatever you put in your mouth a little later on. They are also cleansing, and after a night of rest and fasting, water is the best thing you can put in your body.

+ Add some spirulina; I love this stuff but I never used too. I can take a little time to get used to the taste but I think I love it now more for the way it makes me feel than the actual taste of it. Loaded with protein and minerals, this is my supplement of choice for any vegetarian who feels like they are lacking energy. Having said that, it works wonders for anyone and I highly recommend it.

+ Ensure you’re getting vitamin C and your B’s; two other nutrients that are often lacking when we’re not feeling our best. Both water soluble vitamins, they are depleted daily unlike fat soluble vitamins that can be stored in our body. Bring stress into the picture and these two are definitely going to be low. Our adrenals eat up B vitamins and our immune system eats up vitamin C. If our diet is dodgy and our liver is struggling to detox and process everything optimally, vitamin C is one nutrient needed to help. If you’re a smoker or drink alcohol regularly, then again, these guys will be near non-existent.
Eat more: kiwi fruits, red capsicums, strawberries, leafy greens, oats, wheat germ, brewers yeast, nutritional yeast flakes/savoury yeast flakes

+ Eat both simple and complex carbs; one of my favourite things to eat is a slice of toasted sprouted rye bread, with a good smear of ABC nut butter, a sliced banana, and a drizzle of organic honey. This is both slow and fast releasing in terms of energy, so instantly you’ll feel like you’ve got energy into your body and have something to work with (banana and honey), but at the same time you’re kinda saving some for later to keep you going once your initial boost begins to fall off (the rye and peanut butter).

+ Ensure enough sleep; and I really mean ENSURE it! You will know how much sleep you need to function at your best. If you’re already feeling down and out, then it’s highly likely you’re gonna be needing even more. For months, I needed 9 ½ - 10hrs sleep each and every night, with an additional 30 minute lie down in the afternoons to help in healing my fatigue. You might do great on 7hrs each night, and feel like and extra hour is all you need to jump back. Listen to your body. Turn off your phones, computers and TV and hour before you usually do. Wash your face, brush your teeth and jump into bed an hour before you usually do. Grab a book or plug in a meditation and chill until you doze off. I’m sure it won’t be long.

+ Drink fresh filtered or spring water; depending on where you’re living, your build and size, and activity level, the amount of water you should be drinking will vary. On average, something between 1.5L and 3L is good. I aim for 3L a day here in Cairns. In Darwin, I was chugging back close to 5L daily. When we feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated, and by that time, our brain function s l o w s right down; you might remember a time when you’ve felt like this – I know I get cranky, moody, can’t make decisions, feel super hungry, and are either agitated and anxious or really bored and can’t move. All of which can be turned around if I make sure I drink enough water. Easy.

+ Laugh, smile, connect, and change your thinking; hire comedy movies the cheap rental night of the week, have a BBQ with mates, call your best friend in another state, read an inspiring book, whatever it is, these can and do all help lift our spirits and put our attention on things that are far more important that those that drain us and only keep us where we have no energy. Don’t buy into the thoughts that you’ve got no energy, instead focus on the energy you do have and reaffirm “I have endless energy for everything I need”.

If you've got something else or some other nifty trick of the trade that works to keep your energy levels going strong, please share in the comments below.

Christie xx

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