May 20, 2013

Find Food Shopping a bore? 7 Ways to Love It Again.

I often have people (females) ask me how they can make shopping for food a fun thing; a pleasurable experience and not something that is merely a means to an end (ie. mindlessly walking supermarket aisles to put junk in the trolley to later store in the pantry).

So, as I lurve doing our shopping I thought I'd give you a few tips and tricks to make your weekly food shop fun, exciting, a total full on experience and something that you even look forward too, and not dread. So here we go...

+ Shop with a loved one; Whether it's clothes shopping, seeing a movie, hitting the beach or the gym, we all know most things are more fun when shared with a partner, best friend or family member. This includes grocery shopping. I always shop with B and we make an experience of it and have a ball wherever we go. I know if I did it on my own, I'd likely zip through and just want to get it done. No fun.

+ Get to your local growers market; this is what got me going every week to initially buy organics over the other stuff (yay) and got me buying new and different veggies each week. Then it became so much more; I would also always bump into someone I knew, have a hug/juice/coffee/tea/nibble/etc. I eagerly looked forward to a litre of amazing green juice I could get, and made an entire morning of chatting, shopping, trying new things and basking in the Sunday morning sunshine.

+ Get to other markets; venturing a little further to see what other areas near you offer is always a load of fun. In Sydney, Frenchs Forest was always my local fav, but every-now-and-then I'd end up at Pyrmont, Everleigh or Kings Cross. It jazzed it up a little, got me seeing and buying even more new foods and products, bumping into other friends around town, and had me see different areas of Sydney. Now up in Cairns we drive north to visit Port Douglas or up the range to Kuranda for a change of scenery and always have loads of fun.

+ Get to know who you buy your food from; when forming relationships with the people who you get your groceries from, they love seeing you again and again. They also throw in freebies every now and then, are happy to give you recipes and cooking advice, and can often get you something you ned but can't find anywhere else.

+ Have a cook-up night with friends; again, this will encourage you to shop fresh and have new recipes to try. Sharing conversation over food is one of my all time favourite things to do, and the meals shared are always changing as everyone wants to impress and experiment. Trust me, in starting something like "Friday Friends night" you'll sure be eating some of the best food ever in no time.

+ Put aside a new recipe (or more) each week to try; this gets your taste buds excited and will also help you with meal prep, which can at times be tricky. When I find a recipe I want to try, my whole body is like YUM!!! And then I can't wait to get the ingredients, prepare it, taste it and share it.

+ Ditch all large chain supermarkets; shopping at small organic grocers, weekend markets and health food shops, you're helping the locals stay in business, getting fresh healthy foods, have way less processed options to tempt you, engage in super cool conversations, and you can get everything you would otherwise get from the big guys anyways. There's also a beautiful thing about shopping at markets and smaller stores. Those big guys have it all set up for us to buy, buy, buy, and end up with a whole lotta rubbish we don't need.

So there you go. My tips to making food shopping loads of fun each and every week.
If you have your own tips and tricks, or other things you try, I would love to know what you get up too.

Christie xx

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