May 24, 2013

Reintegration + Looking after Me

I’m back in Cairns! And I gotta say it’s so nice to be back. It also feels a little weird, a little unsettling, and a tad something else that I’m having trouble articulating. So instead of the usual weekend recipe I give you guys each Friday, I thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve been doing, where I’m at, and what’s happening next.

We landed here in Cairns yesterday morning after a beautiful week in Darwin with family; resting, playing with our gorgeous nephew and adorable niece, spending time on the bikes riding around town, and we even managed to get a free week’s pass to the local gym and hit the weights each day which felt GREAT after having not been in a gym for over a year due to adrenal exhaustion and fatigue – I feel I’m slowly getting my strength and energy back now. It’s been a while.

Since arriving home, our car battery had died, we had to get a jump start, and then off to grab some organics, it died again and we had to call for a new battery. The place we were meant to be staying for a week or so fell through so we had no place to go to for showers and snoozes, so instead we grabbed our swimmers and headed for Stoney Creek (our favourite fresh water creek) for a freezing cold refreshing wake up dip and wash, and felt much better after that. Stopping by a mates place for hello’s and ending up with an invitation to crash there in a spare room with full use of kitchen, bathroom and living areas until further notice… things were falling into place. A quick trip for some veggies for dinner, a pot of herbal tea, and we were ready for bed.

On waking this morning I could instantly hear the banter going on in my head and all the things “I had to get done” – I was already feeling stressed just by being here and I hadn’t even gotten out of bed. Feeling restless lying there, I got up, poured some tea and sat on the deck in the crisp fresh air staring out at the garden. I needed the stillness and quiet in my mind, and after a whole large pot of tea and green grass staring, I felt much better, although I still feel a little off kilter today.

So as I begin to reintegrate back into home, without my own home to do it in, I know I’ve got to be gentle on myself and take things slowly. My own space, quiet time + tea, journaling and kitchen cooking is huge on my sanity list and so I intend on keeping those things in my day-to-day activities whilst we continue to hunt for our perfect place to live.

This is total looking-after-me-ness

What things do you need in your day-to-day that help to keep you feeling your best?

In the meantime I’ve got a bucketload of photos I need to edit with plenty of mouth-watering Thailand food porn pics to deliver you sometime in the next couple of weeks so I’m gonna jet to do so.

Have a fabulous weekend, enjoy whatever beautiful things come your way.
Eat well, stay well,

Christie   xx

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