Apr 22, 2013

Words for a Bangin' Body

The things we tell ourselves can be very powerful. A well-trained mind can overcome pain, fear, and self-doubt.
A well-trained mind can also become negative and convince our bodies of physical sensations or conditions that aren’t actually present (I've had this happen).

We can pick up many negative messages in our society that train our minds to believe things that aren’t true (again; very easy to have happen).
That’s why it’s so important to send positive messages to ourselves.

I've had successes and not with affirmation over the years and I think I can reflect back and say now that the times they didn't kinda gel well with me, was when I was just repeating them for the sake of repeating them - hoping I would feel self love through repetition - and not really connecting to the words. When they work well for me is when the words I choose resonate on some level.

I'm reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari at the moment and LOVING every bit of it, and one paragraph says the following:

"...when an undesirable thought occupies the focal point of your mind, immediately replace it with an uplifting one. It's as if your mind is a giant slide projector, with every thought in your mind being a slide. Whenever a negative slide comes up on the screen, take swift action to replace it with a positive one.

I love that analogy.

So I dare you to start repeating positive affirmations to yourself! But pick and choose the ones that sit well for you, and scrap the rest. What is there to lose?

I'm Creating My Beautiful, Perfect Body NOW And I'm Doing An Amazing Job!

I Love And Accept Myself Unconditionally

I AM Beautiful, Perfect and Amazing!  Right NOW!

Where I Am Right Now Is Perfect!

Right Now, This Second I'm Creating My Perfect Body!

I Love Who And What I See In The Mirror!

I Can Feel And See Myself Fitting Into My Perfect Size Clothes!

Releasing Weight Is Easy And Effortless For Me, I Just Let It Go! 

I Am Letting Go Of Everything That No Longer Serves Me

My Body Is A Beautiful Temple That Houses My Spirit! 

I Am Wonderful Just The Way I Am!

My Womanly Figure Is A Gift, I Love And Embrace It Now!

I Love, Love, Love My Body! 

My Body Needs Carbohydrates, Fats, And Proteins To Function Properly. So I’ll Give My Body What It Needs While Honoring My Hunger And Fullness.

The Mirror Is My Friend, It Reminds Me To Appreciate Today And Anticipate Tomorrow!

I Am Divinely Inspired To My Perfect State Of Health, Fitness And Beauty! 

My Body Is An Energetic, Efficient, Fat Burning, Muscle Building Organism!

My Body Is A Temple. I Want To Treat It With Love And Respect

My Body Is A Gift

The Food I Eat Is Nurturing And Healing For My Body

I Am Grateful For All The Things My Body Allows Me To Do

I Nourish My Body With Healthy Foods, Rest And Exercise

I Am Perfect And Complete Just The Way I Am

I Have A Great Body

I Am Slim And Beautiful

I Visualize My Ideal Body And Take Action To Make It Happen

I Am Dedicated To Achieving My Ideal Weight

I Believe Deeply In My Ability To Be Thin And Healthy

PS. There are 3 billion women who don’t look like supermodels, and only 8 who do. (See this Rubenesque Ruby post).

Are you already an affirmation-advocate? What have you found or experienced through your daily practice? Is it a daily practice even? Or just a sometimes-practice? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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Christie xx

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