Apr 8, 2013

My Thailand Travel Essentials

I could say I'm reasonably frequent traveller - at least in the last 18months I have been - short trips to Melbourne, Sunny Coast, Brissie and Sydney, but it's been a few years (almost 6 now I think) since my last International flight.

When I fly domestic I don't feel the need to take everything with me; I can still buy most things I might need at other major cities. However, when flying overseas, there are a few things I like to take for peace of mind, where my health may be at, and simply because it's unikely I'll be able to get something similar (quality, ingredients, price, source) depending on where I'm headed.
Now I'm in Thailand and there was considerable thought put into what my necessities were (clothes and the usual aside). So here they are:

+ Charcoal tablets
If we happen to eat anything that instantly feels funky, get tummy bugs or the runs, this will be our best friend. Charcoal literally grabs everything that doesn't belong in your lower digestive tract and takes it out the other end (gas included)

+ 2012 fermented shelf-stable probiotic powder
A probiotic at home is taken for preventative measures against nasty guys in our gut, so when travelling to South East Asia, this wasn't even up for discussion. B and I both knew it was coming.

+ Nano Greens
Vital Greens, or an equivalent - basically a green food supplement containing fruit and veggie powders, enzymes, nervous system support, immune system support, probiotics and more. Neo Greens is just made differently so absorption is super duper fabulous (and as my digestion and absorption is not great right now; I'd rather take something that I know will reach and get into my cells). It'll make sure our daily nutrition is adequate, and add extra goodies to ensure we're feeling our best.

+ Digestive enzymes
For now anyway as my digestion is needing help. Not always necessary.

+ Tea bags
Not many but a few just-in-casies. On the aeroplane I don't like paying for a tea bag (it's totally different out a cafe sipping from fine china, listening to tunes and watching passers by) so I just ask for hot water. Peppermint and chammomile also settle an upset tummy which can be a comon occurance for me, and any tea can also calm down flying- and travelling-related stress making the world of difference.

+ A few snackies to begin with
Nothing worse than a long plane trip, taxi ride, train into town, late arrival, and no decent food. So be prepared. I grabbed a pumpkin, chickpea and garden salad at the airport and added my own salmon for lunch and dinner plane meals. Had a few bits of Loving Earth choccie from Easter. Some activated walnuts and goji berry mix. And of course, a few Simply Raw bars. Once we hit the ground in Asia we can find healthy snacks of Thai flavour.

+ Castile soap bar
It's small and as it is based on oils, it is all naturale. Liquids over 100ml are a no-go on International flights so this bar is great and can be used as body soap, face soap, even shampoo.

+ Immune Blend essential oil
This stuff is amazing I'm in love with it. It's by Twenty8 on the Sunny Coast, but I'm sure most essential oil brands do something simliar. Great to dab on a tissue if you're feeling a little cold and flu-y-ness coming on from somewhere, but it is a lifesaver in a small spritzer bottle of filtered water on the plane. Have the empty spritzer bottle going though customs, then add filtered water and a few drops of the oil once you're through (and it's safe it won't be taken off you). Spray on your face as much as you want whilst flying. It wards off nasties flying about the enclosed, confined, air conditioned plane, and doubles as a skin hydrator and sanity life saver. Trust me on that. It smells so fresh and feels so good, why wouldn't you use it? Oh, I have been told that some airlines don't like us patrons spraying stuff around, so if need be, take it to the bathroom and spray it all around and breathe it all in there. Parade out on Cloud 9.

+ Tampons
One's that I'm happy using. Enough said.

+ BPA free water bottle
To re-fill with water of course.

+ New mini laptop
Well it's an ASUS tablet with a keyboard attached so it's tiny, and allows me to continue blogging, skyping and doing B School whilst relaxing in a hammock with a coconut in hand.

These are just a few things I've got with me this trip, and I'm sure it will change depending on the destination. Hopefully they're all I need. Have you been to Asis before and taken any essentials of your own? I'd love to hear what they were and perhaps add them to my arsenal next time.

Love and Blessings from Bangkok

Christie xx

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas! As a frequent traveler, I can always use tips on how to stay healthy while out of town (especially in unfamiliar areas).

    1. Hey Quincy Leah -- thanks for your response :) I too find other people's hints and tips on travelling such great help :)