Apr 10, 2013

10 Drinks to Drink When You're Not Drinking

I've been there too; you want to stop drinking alcohol, or at least cut down considerably, but you don't really fancy sipping on water all night long watching your friends get messy while you feel like you're missing out. So I've compiled a list of alternatives that you can get at a bar or take to your mates BBQ or house party.

But before we get there I want to give you some tid bits of info about alcohol that might make it easier for your rational mind to, well, rationalise.

Alcohol isn't something our bodies need. At all. It's just something that we have been brought up to believe is fun, cool, and yes it can be an escape for some. But none of these make it good for us. In parts of Europe small amounts of wine are consumed from a very early age, and later on (likely 18yrs of age) there is no binge drinking done. Alcohol was never forbidden as such so the novelty value of it once of a legal drinking age is not there -- I'm condoning early drinking, I'm just pointing out different cultures.

Alcohol depletes our bodies of vitmains and minerals, particularly vitamin C and all the B vitamins. When I see someone who is unwell and expereincing whatever the symptoms may be, and I know they are or recently have been a consistent drinker, these two vitamins are the first things I suggest for them, amongst others.

Alcohol messes with our heads (think stupid decisions on a night out), screws up our emotions (blubbering mess or angry mo-fo?), and can make us feel like we are invincible (well that could be cool, but not if we end up doing something stupid we regret or pay for later).

But if none of that cut's it for you, grog can often be super expensive compared to other beverages! So give your beautiful body a break and notice how you feel.

+ Coconut water
If you can find this at a bar, let me know. Super hydrating and deliciously tasty; drink it straight up or add some pineapple and mint to it. Buy fresh coconuts and drink with a straw, or buy bottled stuff and pour into wine or cocktail glasses. I bet you'll have others wanting what you're drinking.

+ Ginger Beer
Sometime there's a fair whack of sugar in ginger beer but it's still a winner inplace of grog. You can always dilute it with some sparkling water or make your own.

+ Fresh juice
Make your fav fruit and veggie mixes before you head out to your girlfriends dinner party, and I bet you'll have all your girlfriends wanting in on your luscious looking colourful elixir of life.

+ Flavoured water
Add cucumber slices, strawberry pieces, mint leaves, passionfruit pulp, raspberry coulis... the possibilities are endless. You can also add ice cubes that you've frozen with fruit pieces added for a funky looking Summer drink.

+ Chammomile tea
I heard this one off Jess Ainscough and I loved it. She wasn't drinking alcohol at a recent party and so instead poured her chammomile tea into her champagne flute and carried on.

+ Mineral water
A bubbly alternative that almost anyone will drink. Add lime, mint or strawberries for an extra flavour kick. If you're at the bar, ask for some lemon slices, mint leaves, or a splash of grenadine.

+ Kombucha
It's fizzy, light and refreshing, and if you're not used to it you may feel a little buzz in your head akin to your first sip of wine. Also great for digestin help with whatever it is your munching on too. a fuky chic at my local organic store grabs one each Friday as her "Friday arvo beer" with her man. Great brands include Mojo (which I've seen in NSW and Qld; it's made in SA) and Buche (my favourite; still only available around the Goldie, Sunny Coast and inbetween). Or google it and learn how to make your own.

+ Mocktails
The list of these are only imited by your imagination; peach and raspberry with sparkling mineral water, or green apple, mint and lime, pineapple with coconut, or acai and mango.

+ Non alcoholic wine
You can get this at your local supermarket. I can't vouch for what it tastes like though.

+ Lemon, Lime and Bitters
A favourite of many, available everywhere, on every continent. It does contain a teeny bit of alcohol in the bitters, but next to nothing really.

If you've aready kicked or curbed your alcohol drinking, I invite you to share your experiences below. Or if you've got other suggestions to mine above, I would love to know what you enjoy drinking. Let us know on Facebook or tweet @Eat_More_Plants

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Love and Blessings from Thailand,

Christie xx

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