Apr 1, 2013

From Cairns - Sunny Coast - Sydney

Happy Easter Monday! 

How was your weekend? I suppose it's still going isn't it? Gotta love long weekends.
As most of you would know (if you're my newsletter subscriber - if not sign up here or Twitter follower) I flew down to the Sunny Coast last week for an extended Easter getaway, visiting mum and my step dad, and then having both my sisters arrive too.

I was so excited to get to mums on Tuesday as it meant my (10 huge) assessments would all have been done and emailed off, my last college class would have been attended do (for the next 2months), our place would have all been boxed up and put in storage, my last days at work and saying bye to friends would have been done, and my bag packed ready for Thailand. And. it. all. was.

So flying down was bliss. I could breathe again. And every moment at mums has been bliss. I love it on the Sunny Coast. I might just end up there at some point. ..

Our Easter weekend was fabulous; plenty of laughter and mucking about, intertwined with delicious chocolate munching, sunshine bathing, forest walking trails and creek splashing, coast jogs that my body loved, a quick catch up with a girlfriend and baby snuggles, and of course a multiple cafe escapades (a favourite past time of all us females in the family it seems)

Buderim State Forest

But now here I am in SYDNEY! And the reason none of you knew about this was because I had to keep it the biggest secret ever as my best friend had no idea I was coming. Her husband grabbed me from the airport last night and I rocked up at her doorstep with a bunch of flowers, super-super excited, and she greeted me with arms, screaming, huge hugs, more screams, disbelief, and questions about the how's and why's I was infact at her doorstep... It was so so good. Just the way we wanted it.
I'll be in Sydney town til Thursday morning when B and I are then flying to Singapore. We were initially flying from Melbourne but with the thought of totally surprising my bestie who is always super busy as she is getting her amazing new biz off the ground... I had to do it!
Opting to crash on her floor so B, my girl, her hubby and I can all get maximus cuddle time, eating time, laughing time and catching-up in, I am so excited to be here!

So Thursday we fly to Singapore for a night, then on to Bangkok where our Thailand adventure will begin, and later onto Burma, we cannot wait to get over there. I will try my best to get your regular posts to you all, and in Thailand I think it won't be too hard, but in Burma - I think you'll have to live without me for those couple of weeks. I've read it's pretty much no-outside-world once you enter Burma. And to be honest I couldn't be more excited!

Until then though, You've still got me for a while.

Speak soon

Christie xx

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