Apr 17, 2013

Practicing the Power of Now in Pai

Hello and Happy Wednesday to you all.

I'm still in Pai, Thailand chilling out and have done even more chilling out the past few days due to a few little mis-haps that have taken place...

+ I caught something; be it food poisoning, a bacterial thing from the water festival/fight that for 3 days had everyone throwing, squirting and pouring water on one another (let it be known that the locals here only drink "drinking water" that gets brought into town so who knows what is in the tap and river water - ie. the stuff that gets hurled around), heat-stroke/dehydration, or a combination. Needless to say I had my head in the porcelain bowl an entire night, got no sleep, was bedridden the following day and could only manage a dry bagel in nibbles over 24hrs, followed by 2 days since in and out of bed, sipping water, eating rice soup or toast, feeling very weak and extremely tired.

+ My brand new mini tablet laptop has died; (first world problem?) yep the one I bought especially to travel with so I could blog and do B-School with decided to shut itself off the other day. And it hasn't woken up since. We've tried rebooting it, charging it, the lot. My prepared blog posts I'd saved are no longer. My book on kindle I was reading is gone (more on this below). I'm ready to throw that thing in the dirty river water! So my lying in bed reading or writing has turned into lying in bed staring at the ceiling. And there's a whole lot more Internet cafe fun going on now too.

But I'm still alive and have all my limbs and managing a super short and excessively slow walk each day before collapsing back to bed. B has been wonderful given I've been a sick, exhausted, under-slept, under-nourished, weak and fragile female who needs a push getting up the hill and into bed.

What I have also noticed, ironically enough, is that I'm more able to actually practice this power of now stuff. You know the book. Well here's a funny story --

I bought The Power of Now back home after my coach told me too (one of those books that for years you think you should read coz everyone else is, but it just doesn't happen - obviously not ready). And I'm always one who takes a book away travelling but due to my small backpack already stuffed full, I couldn't fit a book in. No joke. A girlfriend had a spare and I was gonna shuv it in B's pack (bigger bag, less stuff; he's male after all) but I completely forgot. So I was just gonna find one over here. Being stingy perhaps, I didn't want to pay the second hand prices I saw them for in Bangkok, as I already have the book at home so I'd unlikely be keeping the one I got here. So I left it, figured I'd find it again in Pai. Cheaper.

Well I should have been more specific as I did find it in Pai - only in every other language besides English. B joked that the focus and presence I showed just in looking for the book, was the power of now. So after days of no luck, I decided to download it to my laptop. And YAY I could finally begin reading it.

But now my computer has died and I can't get to it.

However... I've noticed myself Practicing The Power of Now and caught myself out on a few things which has surprised me --

+ My worrying about the thought of having to go home early to fix whatever I've now got - then stopping to tell myself that regardless of how shit I feel right now, I could feel 100% better tomorrow, so stop worrying

+ My worrying about the thought of going home fullstop (yep, clever ego I've got) and begin studying and working again when I don't feel at all rested and am still tired most days - I had to change that one around too. Tell myself I'm stronger everyday, and I don't actually have to go back to working and studying really. I'm choosing too. And I can be as all-in or as all-out of both as I choose

+ B asking about where we want to go after Pai - I'm too tired to care right now but it's working in my favour here coz I'm only thinking about how my tummy is feeling as I lie in bed, when I lie in bed

+ Last week we'd decided where we wanted to eat dinners to try new places, but now it's totally meal-by-meal for me, and even then I don't care; if they sell toast or rice soup I'm easy

Power of Now

So perhaps a few blessings in disguise?

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Christie xx

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