Jun 11, 2010

A Drink for Daniella

I don't think there's any shortage of recipes for nut milks on the blogosphere, but a good friend of mine wanted one, so Daniella here it is.

For those of you unfamiliar with nut milks (sometime written up as nut MYLK) they are just that - "milk" made from nuts. It's an alternative to rice, soy, oat and dairy for anyone who can't consume those mentioned, or simply choose not too. Me included.
Now you can buy nut milk (usually almond) from select health food stores, and they can be a good first stepping stone... however they usually contain added artificial sweeteners, thickeners, preservatives etc and are no doubt heat treated.

So why not try your hand at making your own instead?
It's quick, fool-proof, tastes great, and usually cheaper.

Now with most nuts you'll need to soak them first to remove enzyme inhibitors, and make their nutritional potential fully available to you. This also helps with your digestion as un-soaked nuts can be difficult for your body to digest.
One nut that doesn't need pre-soaking however are brazil nuts (likewise with hazelnuts) as they contain no enzyme inhibitors. With that, and being one of my FAVOURITE nuts, it's the quickest and easiest milk to make at the drop of a hat!

Here's my recipe...

Brazil Nut Milk

1 cup organic brazil nuts
4 cups filtered water
3 medjool dates

Blend all in a high speed blender until well combined. And then pour it into a tall container THROUGH a nut milk bag securely tied to your jar (but if you don't have a nut milk bag you can use a piece of cheese cloth or try a strainer... alternativley you don't have to do this step, you'll just have thicker richer nut milk).

Once the majority of your liquid has passed through your milk bag or cheese cloth...

(you can speed up the process by pressing the pulp through your bag after a good stirring, but I like to let it do it's own thing for 10-20 minutes whilst I take some time out to blog, or shower, call a friend... or munch down on some tasty medjool dates stuffed with raw nut butter mmm a little bliss time)

...squeeze out the excess, and save your nut pulp in a container, keeping it in the fridge, or in the freezer if you're not going to use it within a few days.

Serve your tasty milk straight up, ice cold, slightly warmed... Blend it with fruits, mix it with cacao, pour it over grawnola, or add a drop to a spicy chai tea when it's cold. Yummo!
As for what to do with all the nut pulp you'll accumulate after many a blend of nut milk...
WATCH THIS SPACE!! Chocolate fudge cookies coming soon ;)

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