Jun 18, 2010

Spoilt Mid Week

Mid-week dinner creations!!
My step mother tried her hand at her first RAW dinner for Brock, my Dad and I on Wednesday and it was DELICIOUS!!

Gail first prepared walnuts and almonds to snack on (mmm raw hors dourves)... then we shared a fresh spicey rocket, herb and tomato salad alongside a BIG MIXED GARDEN SALAD full of baby carrots, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, red onions, capsicum, cucumbers... We had melt-in-your-mouth-avocado halves topped with diced tomatoes and fresh herbs on a bed of cos lettuce served with lemon wedges... and some raw bread slices I took over for Dad and Gail to try...

And a beautiful assortment of fresh fruits to end a beautiful meal.

The following morning as I left Brock's deciding to walk to work for my early morning meeting, I was BLESSED with the colours in the sky, the cool crisp air on my skin, the fresh energy around me, and the mystical magic that is tall city buildings pre-dawn...

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