Jun 4, 2010

Afternoon munchies?

It's only just occured to me that my last few blog posts have all included BEETROOT!
Beautiful colour, amazing flavour, and so many ways in which to use them. So here's another.

VEGIE CHIPS!! And these are so easy to make and taste UNREAL!

I used my mandolin to finely slice beetroot as well as zucchini and sweet potato I had and then lay them out onto trays choosing my herbs and spices...

Rosemary and sea salt on my beetroot.
Nutmeg, cumin and sea salt on the sweet potato.

Mixed herbs on my zucchini.

Then in the oven on 40 degrees (as I'm yet to get myself a dehydrator). I was out all day at work and running around so my chippies were doing their thing for over 8hrs until I got home and CRUNCH! Afternoon snack time :)

I thought I'd like the sweet potato chips best as I love store bought ones years ago, but I was very surprised that I was munching away on the ZUCCHINI CHIPS the most. Clearly they were the winner for me!


  1. Yum. Your Blog and photos are making me hungry. I am definitely going to give this recipe a go over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend. Kath x

  2. where are my chippies baby? perhaps u should write a blog on your recent trip to "china"

  3. superyum! we've made all of these chips before but the spice mixture on your sweet potato chips looks ultramegayum!

    have a great weekend lady! :D

  4. So now I know the secret of making the best chips: staying away from home while they're dehydrating! If I stay at home I keep eating them directly from the dehydrator WAY before they're ready...