Apr 1, 2010

Road Trip - and amazing food!

Brock and I drove out of Sydney Monday arvo and headed for CANBERRA to visit the National Gallery for the Impressionist Exhibition (I'm a Van Gogh fan and having seen the exhibition in Paris years ago, jumped at the chance to see it again).

Tuesday morning I woke feeling a little under the weather :( but was well looked after with hugs from Brock, an AMAZING green juice from James and then a FANTASTIC green smoothie Teresa made! Spoilt rotten! And instantly feeling better:)

We decided to head out for a nature walk through the valley 40mins from home... but not long into our walk we had to turn around quick-smart and start walking REAL fast back to the car as the Heavens opened up above us and came POURING down! All 4 of us were SOAKED! Sneakers, socks, jumpers, hats, tshirts... right down to our undies!
Freeeeeezing cold and hungry, we bundled back into the car, cranked the heater on, huddled up and munched on some chewy Californian medjool dates that were AMAZING! They tasted just like beautifully soft caramels. So good :)

After hot showers and warm clothes we were all in the kitchen "un-cooking" up a storm! KITCHEN FUN!!
First up, Teresa threw a bunch of things in the blender and whizzed it 'round to create a chocolatley-carameley-sweet-pudding-moussey-deliciously-amazing-dessert-in-a-mug-thingy that was pure ECSTACY :) We all moaned in BLISS with each mouthful, savouring every - last - bit.

Brock and I then ventured out in the rain to pick some of the greatest tasting tomatoes I've ever had - FROM THE BACK YARD - to use in our LASAGNA!!

Brock was the man for that job. Layers of marinated eggplant and zucchini, with strips of red capsicum, fresh basil leaves, and sliced tomatoes with James' special sauce... easily restaurant quality ;)

James also managed to whip up an incredible salad of mixed greens, grated apple, fresh herbs, and cinnamon at the same time, which was UNREAL! Try cinnamon in your next salad at home. SO GOOD!!

Teresa also made a salad with EVERYTHING you could think of in it - broccoli, carrot, spinach, goji berries, red cabbage, grapes, tomatoes... and a DELICIOUS dressing.

With BIG glasses of freshly squeezed OJ... good food, good company. It couldn't have been a better end to a cold wet day.


  1. That sounds like an amazing day. I'm a huge fan of going to art galleries, and I kinda like getting soaked in the rain (not the cold feeling after the fact, though). I also dig the good company and yummy food. Definitely restaurant quality :-)

  2. Food looks amazing! I definitely love your photos of food - and it's great that you have great company to enjoy your PASSION.!

  3. awesome first road trip together babe xo. love the description of the food makes me want to make more