Mar 29, 2010

What a Weekend!!

Saturday morning marked the opening of an EXCITING NEW SPACE in Sydney - the first RAW cafe! My bestest-most-amazing-beautiful-friend Maya, is the brains and LOVE behind it all, I was there as the "hospitality guru" (my long standing background), barista, and helper. (check out her blog and other raw events in Sydney at

A steady day with loads of friends and interested newbies stopping by to try OH-MY-GOD AMAZING cakes (trust me when I say ther's no over-reaction there), sensational "Better Than Muesli", open sandwiches, GREEN SMOOTHIES, herbal teas, and organic coffee (obviously the only non-raw thing).
RAW @ Taste Organics will be open weekends now starting from April 9th (as it's closed for the Easter weekend), and I'll be back there from April 17th :) Can't wait!! Check out some of the cakes here...

Yep, that's RAW ICE CREAM alright!! Atop a CHOCOLATE BROWNIE! Um yeh... could it get any better??

Other than that I spent a fair bit of time doing yoga at home and cardio at my gym (self-confessed "borderline" gym junkie right here), had a fancy dress party to go too, and spent some time having FUN IN MY KITCHEN!! What's a weekend without food fun hey?!?!

Here's what i made...

Raw Pizza - sundried tomato sauce base, greens, capsicum, shrooms, grated pumpkin, chili flakes, coriander

Raw bruschetta on really good garlicky almond bread - go to bed alone after this :)

Little Chocolate Pudd's (coz "pudd" is so much cuter than "pudding" and these were in little espresso cups AND with little spoons - ooo munchkins)

"Shreks Swamp" - I can thank mum for that name.

This is my latest and GREATEST brekkie sensation I'm addicted too. Chocka-block-FULL of so many amazing foods that are super nutritious, it's like a complete meal! And you'll just have to take my word for it in that it tastes SENSATIONAL - despite what most of you are probably thinking.

I like to EAT my swamp out of a bowl, and be fully present to each and every soft, yummy, gooey, spoonful :)

However, it does look alot prettier in a tall glass...

... complete with red roses as backdrop :)

Can you guess what's in it?


  1. I love how much you love your kitchen creations and love reading your Blog and viewing your photos. I am definitely keen to visit this new cafe - sounds wonderful - it is FANTASTIC seeing PASSIONS coming to life.

  2. Your blog is gorgeous. Love it. Let's see, I spy some banana, chia, spirulina, cocoa or carob (not sure) and some other powder (rice protein maybe?).

  3. Kath - thanks for your never-ending comments :) It makes me happy to know you get joy out of reading my blog :)

    Shannonmarie - thank you! I've been following your blog for months so to see your comment made my day :) As for my little guessing comp; you did very well. There are a few other secrets hiding from view but the powder you see it both protein and maca :)