Apr 24, 2010

Get ya juice on!!

In the past I've been more of a smoothie girl. I had read about all the benefits of JUICING but I still couldn't get into it (only when one's really ready right?). Well my time has come! I've been JUICING everyday for the past week or so and I CAN'T GET ENOUGH! I'm LOVING IT!!

So now that I'm a convert, I'll preach a bit :)

JUICING, obviously, is not the same as BLENDING (I get that now). Don't hear me wrong - blending is still a FANTASTIC addition to anyones diet, but is not a replacement for juicing. WHY? Because juiced foods have all the fibre and solids removed making it EXPONENTIALLY easier for your body to absorb all the nutrients - with maximum speed and efficiency, and minimum effort from the digestive system! Every bit of nourishment can then be used to REGENERATE rather than digest (and for those of us that are on a journey to learn all about our digestion issues, and to help them function better - JUICES ARE A GOD SEND).

But be warned about that beer-like frothy head!! Ideally, you don't want this. I strain my juice, strain again, and strain again, then pour it into a big tall glass (and a little extra one) ready to drink. I do this so my LIQUID VEGIE JUICE is as LIQUID as it can be. Sounds ridiculous hey? Well here's the scoop; that frothy head is SOLID in comparison to what's beneath it. To drink juices that still have the pulp present would be MORE taxing on your digestion than it would be to eat and properly chew all those fruits and vegies in their solid form. And then you're in for digestion upsets! If there is ANY fibre present in your 'meal' (think smoothies), chewing is necessary to prepare the stomach for digestion (I'm sure you all know someone who doesn't chew their food well enough and wonders why they always have tummy troubles).
Heard the line "drink your food, chew your juice" ... a rather odd one in my opinion anyway, haha, but I get where they're going with it.

You want the purest VITAMIN - MINERAL - RICH - ELIXIR you can get!

(Beetroot obviously...then... lemon, ginger, loads of greens... I can't remember what else!)

On a RAW FOOD DIET, juicing is extremley important in order to get sufficient nutrients; they're like the missing puzzle pieces.
Even if you're a meat eater, green vegie juices will do you wonders! Try drinking a green vegie juice before your meaty meal. By lowering your body's pH from a more acidic state to a more alkaline state, green juices will conteract the acidic animal protein and put your body back into balance. Beautiful! (and you might find you want meat less... well there's my little wish anyway)

GREEN JUICES ARE A BEAUTY SECRET says Matt Monarch. I truley believe this now. I feel FANTASTIC, my acne is clearer, my eyes are brighter... I'm a juicing groupie. Loud and PROUD.

(This one had 3 small apples, 3 carrots, 1/2 lemon, a big chunk of ginger, 6-8 big Chinese broccoli leaves, and 3-4 stems of celery - leaves and all)

The benefits of JUICING could easily fill a book (and there's loads of proof already out there). I did go into a little detail with you guys (as I'm a brand new groupie with so much excitement around this topic!!), but to be as straight to the point as I can be;


For me - it's cause and effect. I didn't need to know all the scientific research stats - I did know them and that still didn't start me juicing until now. But I tried it. I only had to try it. I put it to you also - try a VEGIE JUICE everyday for a week and get back to me on how you feel :)

As for what you can do with all that left-over fibre rich juice pulp... you'll have to wait til the next post ;)


  1. i wonder when i'll get back to juices... :)

  2. love juicing - i made my first one with ginger and over catered on the ginger so had a bit of a zing