Apr 18, 2010

A Weekend of Food

My little sister had her 22nd birthday party last night and I decided I wanted to make a few tasty raw finger food treats for Brock and I to enjoy, and enough for others to try. It was the first raw-finger-food I had really done and I LOVED IT! Baby steps... next time I'll definatley be testing out a few more things.

Here's what I came up with...

Stuffed mushrooms - celery, carrot, zucchini, onion and an amazing marinade

Bite sized wraps - wrapped in finely sliced daikon

Zucchini rounds with cashew cheese, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil

Crudites - with zucchini hommous

After all that colour comes the sweets...

I love making the sweets (my friend Kara keeps telling me she loves eating them - we work well together). I ALWAYS have a stash of assorted choccies, bliss balls and such things I've made in my freezer so I'm never without. These are an old favourite re-invented and inspired by Heathy's Sweetly Raw

Introducing the Chocolate Cups...

This one has a hemp seed butter/agave mix oozing from within once bitten into...
And this one has a macadamia nut butter filling, topped with cashews

And tonight we had our family dinner. Mum made cannelloni (an old family favourite) so I thought "YES RAW CANNELLONI!!" I sliced my zucchini, used my leftover cashew cheese and blended it with some red capsicum, nutritional yeast (not typically raw but its a delicious nutty-cheesy flavour and high in B vitamins), and a few other things... then mixed loads of chopped broccoli through it and rolled it up... then topped it with a rich tomato sauce.

Oh my god! Yep, IT WAS AMAZING!

And make mini-raw-cannelloni-bites for everyone to enjoy :)

And for the finale...Chocolate mud cake

Buon appetito!!


  1. You have a GIFT!!!!! All your food looks incredible!

  2. So what did everybody think?? Did they love your food?

  3. And I wasn't even invited?... ;)

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies :)

    Everyone loved my food which was so beautiful - the stuffed mushrooms were the hit!

    We'll do something special together Maya ;) You know I love you! x

  5. Happy birthday to your sister. Mine is on the 30th. I wish someone would make a spread like that for me. Love the cake!

  6. The party food looks fabulous! Wish I coulda been there, hehe :) Everyone must have loved it. I always end up making my own birthday cake, lol.

    Your choccie cups turned out great!