Apr 9, 2010

Simplicity at its best.

As a holistic lifestyle coach, I love walking beside my clients in simplifying their lives in whichever direction they wish for. Personally, it's a continuous daily practice of my own that I love doing; Simplifying. Finding meaning in the simple.

And so every Thursday I head down to Crows Nest for the ORGANIC MARKETS!! I love getting down in the morning and staying as long as I can because the VIBE is ENERGISING, UPLIFTING, AND INFECTIOUS!!
I always run into people I know and everytime, walk away having met someone new.

But the main reason I go, besides everything else AMAZING about my Thursdays is for the fresh ORGANIC produce - the DELICIOUS fruits that are bursting with juicy goodness. The crunchy colourful vegies that nourish my body and my soul. MMM.

Everytime I'm there there is also something really UNUSUAL and DIFFERENT to try which gets me REALLY EXCITED!!

I've had MANGOSTEENS, DURIAN, and this week I picked up DAIKON (an Asian vegetable that tastes similiar to radish when eaten RAW... cleanses the blood, promotes energy circulation, increases the metabolic rate... and a whole bunch of other FANTASTIC things)

I love the SIMPLICITY of fresh fruits and vegies - eating them as they are. There's so much talk these days of "wholefoods" and people are trying to get more in their diets. FRUIT AND VEG IS MOTHER NATURES MOST BASIC WHOLEFOODS. Think about it... WHOLEfoods...

Eat them as they come - WHOLE - or chop em up and make some AMAZING salads...

Create RAW wraps...

Or stack your fav's into something that looks real spesh ;)

Happy eating. Happy creating. Happy living :)


  1. I LOVE Your Blog. I Love Your Photos of your Kitchen Creations. I am Inspired everytime I read your Blog...

  2. So great to see you've posted so soon! =D
    You're so inspiring Christie. I had some corn for dinner and was telling Josh about my delicious salad today. Yum!