Feb 22, 2010

You are what you eat

This past week I was blessed by being able to attend 2 different lectures in the city both on health, wellbeing and particulary nutrition, which is my passion.
On Thursday I went and saw Don Tolman who is an author, public speaker, trainer, educator, entertainer and experimental nutritional-eating researcher and all about wholefoods. I hadnt really heard much about him before Brock asked if I wanted to go, but my closest friend Maya is a big fan so I thought OK I'll see what he's all about. And I'm so much more than glad I went along. Fascinating to listen too with a wealth of knowledge under his belt, I really resonated with alot of what he spoke about;

Your bodys' only purpose is to maintain life and health.

Noone can heal you - only your body can heal itself.

And then on the weekend I went and saw David Wolfe who I do know about, have his books, and love his work. To sum him up is impossible as the list of work, credentials, experience, travel and everything else he has done is AMAZING, but any raw foodie would know him as either the "avocado guy" or the "chocolate guy" - he won’t be shy to tell you why chocolate is the greatest, most prosperous, nutritious, mood-elevating, highest energizing, and top weight loss aphrodisiac food on the planet!

... by 'chocolate' I mean RAW, organic, unsweetened, vegan CACAO... a source of calcium, omega 3, zinc, iron, copper, sulphur, beta-carotene, protein, potassium and stree relieving magnesium - the reason women crave chocolate every month. Food of the Gods.

And I'm happy to hear it!!

Seeing him was INCREDIBLE! Just sitting in the university lecture hall where he was speaking, surrounded by 450+ like minded individuals, immersed in raw nutrition education, there was an energy in the room and I myself was buzzing!! That's my thing. My purpose. My BUZZ! It's what I live for!

He spoke about superfoods liks goji berries, cacao, noni, maca, mangosteen, bee pollen, MSM, avocados, spirulina... working with your strengths, eating raw foods, LIVING! I loved how he said "we've survived the worst... now it's time for the best". Forward movement. Get into LIVING! LIVING FOOD. LIVING BODIES.



  1. I LOVE your blog!
    Inspirational!!! :)

  2. eating raw is the best ever - proud ur doing it babe

  3. I love your blog Christie, I'm really happy to find out more about nutrition bit by bit from you xox