Feb 8, 2010

Goddess of the Unknown

A new chapter of your life is around the corner; remove fear and embrace the unknown. Only through the darkness of night are we able to see the beautiful tapestry of light which stems from the stars above us.
Even though you presently cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, you are being urged by the Goddess to trust. You are always on the right path even when you think you've strayed completley off it.
A major chapter in the story of your life has recently come to a close and an exciting new chapter is about to begin. Through the current emptiness, the seeds of a fertile new future sprout through. Soon, you will see the light shining as brightly as ever.

This card presented itself to me this morning after several minutes of meditation putting the intention out to become clearer on what I needed right now.
I've felt like I've been in a dark night for a few weeks -
Unsure. Confused. Lost.
Quiet. Contemplative. Still.
Reflective. Calm. Introspective.

But dark.

At times when I feel very lost and off path, trusting can be tiring. And difficult to try and remember. But I somehow manage to always come back to it, and today my cards have helped me in doing so.

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  1. Interesting.... I have felt the exact same way. I hope your darkness falls away soon too x