Feb 4, 2010

What do you love?

Doing what you love. Doing what makes you happy. Doing what makes your heart sing. Doing what makes you smile. Doing what stirs up those butterflies in your tummy that want to leap out with passion, enthusiasm, and LOVE. It's what it's all about.
I've been doing so much of the things I love lately and feel AMAZING coz of it.

I LOVE going away on retreats.
I LOVE helping my beautiful girlfriend Maya out at raw catering gigs she does and seeing her do what she gets so much joy out of doing.
I LOVE getting up at 530am, when the world is still asleep, and heading off to the gym. It's my secret world full of people all high on life and the thrill of training pre-dawn like me... I get such a buzz out of it.
I LOVE my new HEMP SEED BUTTER that I was so lucky to be given as a gift from my sister as she returned home from the States. And then of course eating it on my raw bread with my big amazing salad.

I LOVE eating mango after mango after mango after mango... Way to my heart.
I LOVE coaching and the trusting alliance that it is; facilitating and supporting my clients to get to where they want go, overcoming any obstacles along the way, seeing the opportunities for growth, and the joy within themselves when they reach their goals.
I LOVE writing and emailing friends and family overseas and awaiting their replies with such excitement about what they're up too.
I LOVE journalling everything, always, anywhere, anytime.
I LOVE KITCHEN FUN!!! (this week I've made more bread and crackers, my own raw Beetroot and Rosemary burgers, Co's Super-Super Balls, and a Strawberry Coconut Surprise Tart).

I LOVE organisation; I'm a bit of a nazi-planner, everything-in-its-place kinda gal.
I LOVE my colonics.
I LOVE spending time in the ocean blissing out under water. Salt water cures all.
I LOVE driving with the windows down and my fav tunes pumping.
I LOVE watching DVDs on cold rainy days (I'm slowly indulging my inner nerd watching all six episodes of Star Wars again).
I LOVE having long girly chit chats on my bed with my mum and sisters.
I LOVE drinking kombucha.
I LOVE reading books on nutrition (predominantly raw; I LOVE the subject), personal growth and development (I seem to continually have more of these than I can keep up with), coaching (it's one of my passions and luckily my job), and adventure-filled, romantic, vespa-riding, pizza-eating, Italian fiction that sweeps up and away to the land I so love :)
I LOVE drinking herbal teas - s l o w l y - and being consciously aware of every little sip

I LOVE being real, authentic, and ME!

What do you LOVE? :)

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