Feb 25, 2010

Do what you Love. Love what you do.

Last night I went to Dr. John Demartini seminar on Reaching Your Goals and wanted to share one piece of valuable information with you that he spoke about;


And on opening my daily page of wisdom in my book Simple Abundance this morning to read the mesage for today, I was not surprised that it was titled "Reordering Your Priorities".

By acknowledging, recognising, and reordering our priorities so that they can give purpose to our days is a deeply personal task that we all need to do if we are to learn how to live by our own lights.

Delegating lower priorites so as to get on with our higher priorities will in turn allow us to focus on our higher values. And our heirachy of values dictate our destiny.

What is your Destiny?
What are your highest values?
What are your most important priorities?

Chunk it down. Work it backwards. We are all Masters of our own Destiny - not victims of our history as John Demartini put it.

Do what you love. And love what you do.

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