Feb 16, 2010

Self Love on Valentines Day

"Don't seek for love. Seek to find and remove the barriers you've built against love." -Rumi

I hope you all had a happy Valentines Day :)

Whatever your take on the day, each year my feelings about it are completley different. When I've been single I've either dreaded it as everyone around me makes their romantic plans... or embraced it and loved having noone with me when I've felt really solid in who I am! This year I have a partner and half of me was really excited about it yet the other half of me wasn't at all. Either way, I think Valentines Day should be about SELF LOVE first and foremost; whether you shared that with a loved one, or decided to cuddle up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea. I hope you had fun :)

I was more than happy that Brock had work most of the day so I could do what I wanted to do for me first and then see him later on.

My day began early with 4 mangoes then a trip to the organic markets getting some sugar bananas, spaghetti veg and rosehip oil, along with the Sunday paper which is a secret little indulgence of mine :) I got home, had some more mangoes whilst reading the paper and later went for an hour-long mid-morning run which felt FANTASTIC!! I had a beautiful big green salad for lunch with my mum and sister Nikki at home, complete with my favourite raw carrot bread, spread with hemp seed butter. Mmm. Green and creamy :)

Nikki and I wandered up to my local markets after lunch, got some cute little cards and a few cups of walnuts so I could make raw cupcakes for Valentines Day. I wasnt exactly sure what I was going to do or how I was going to do it, but bit by bit I began seeing more and more creations in my head and then the finished product... Voila!!


They are made with LOVE, walnuts, organic carob powder, medjool dates, raspberries and coconut oil. Piece of (cup) cake!

Brock came over late afternoon to whisk me away to our surprise location for the night - a fancy apartment in the city! Complete with a box of fresh delicious produce to snack on for dinner and brekkie! Best present ever!! With all the heavy rain we spent our evening indoors relaxing and catching up after having spent almost a week away from each other. Blissful and perfect.

Yesterday I did some quiet journalling, reading, karma cleaning, even some nude sunbaking in the back yard as the sun let itself be known again after so long without it!

Today I started my day with an old Ayruveda technique called oil pulling, then meditated before a giant sized celery, carrot and ginger cleansing juice for brekkie. YUM! I had my first Italian class after lunch which was so much fun (I'm getting back into the language of LOVE I learnt for so many years)! I felt like an eager school girl on the edge of my chair listening to the words roll so easily off the tongue of my teacher :) Then I BLISSED OUT on mangoes for dinner before 2hours of power yoga and body attack at the gym topping off another AMAZING DAY :)

But lastly, I was presented with the Angel of Relaxation card from my deck this morning when I asked what I needed to know right now;
"Let go of desired outcomes and you will get what you want"

I also read todays page from my book Simple Abundance - A Daybook of Comfort and Joy written by Sarah Ban Breathnach that I read everyday. And it spoke about picking up the double edged sword of Love and Light when feeling frightened or unsure about the future...

"our dragons are our fears; our day stalkers, our night sweats. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failing. Fear of starting something new and not finishing. Again. Or the real fear, the one that sends shivers up our spines: the fear of succeeding, of becoming our authentic selves and facing the changes that will inevitably bring...

we don't know where we're headed and it's very scary...

instead of clarity we feel confused...

always remember, it's simply not an adventure worth telling if there aren't any dragons. But as in the best old tales, at the end of your exploring, you will live happily ever after."

Syncronicity. And it's PERFECT with where I feel I am right now. But then why wouldn't it be? ;)

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