Jan 27, 2010

Fun in the Kitchen

Productive days at home. I love them! 6am meditation then yoga to a beautiful new CD I borrowed from the library whilst my candles provided the glow of my room.
A glass Kombucha (which if you've never heard of or tried I highly recommend it - will post another blog on all the greatness of it soon) and then I got to having FUN IN THE KITCHEN!
I love spending time in the kitchen but don't always get the luxury of a whole day. Yesterday I tried a new recipe for a pate that wasn't too bad (I couldn't put my taste buds on what was missing though...) and used that in my chinese broccoli wraps I had for dinner.

And this morning, after blending 5 organic bananas with some water, maca and cacao for my brekkie bowl, I began deciding on what to make. Oh the excitement!!
I had some vegie pulp left over from juice I made yesterday so I decided to use it to make raw carrot and sultana bread. This stuff is unreal. Top it with vegies for a sandwich, have it alongside a big green salad, or spread some raw nut butter ontop and eat it with your mum whilst she has her white toast with vegemite ;)

Next was something with bananas. Brock brought a truckload round and they were ripening real quick! So I immediatley thought ICE CREAM! I've been wanting some for weeks and just havn't made any. So with some already frozen 'nanas I blended a dozen or so with some tahini and agave until it was uber smooth and creamy. MMM. I also made a quick choccie sauce and lined some ice block moulds before pouring my banana sensation in. Result - Banana Choc Pops. Raw magnums in my opinion - only better. And 100% guilt free. HEAVEN.

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