Nov 4, 2014


I Love Donna Gates. The impact she has had on the health and wellness industry due to her education on gut health, micro biome, bacteria and so forth, is nothing short of amazing, and naturally when I saw her name on the list of speakers at the Womens Wellness Conference I was jumping up and down.

This year Donna's talk was titled The Gene Smart Diet: How Food Talks To Your Genes, and as much as parts of it were fascinating and had me scribbling notes on my notepad, there was also a fair chunk of it that kinda went straight over my head - or perhaps I was more focused on the raw chocolates in my handbag than trying to understand certain gene codes. Either way, here's what I took away:

>> There is a new science emerging called Nutritional Genomics and it is based around matching your genes with food and lifestyle to create health. There is a company that does testing in Australia called SmartDNA if you're interested to know more.

Essentially, if you have testing done, you can then find our more about your genes, your physical body and your long term health. For example, if you have the CYP1A2 gene, caffeine makes you WIRED! Autistic children all have what is called the "vitamin D SNP" and the treatment for this is in fact sulphorophane ---> cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower. But did you know that sulphurophane is waaaaaay higher in fermented veggies like sauerkraut?!?

Take home note: Get all autistic kids on fermented veggies!!

>> We want to essentially gather information about one's daily diet; what carbohydrates are they eating? What fat sources? And proteins? What are their lifestyle habits? These all give clues as to what's going on and where they're headed

>> We know that certain nutrients are needed for proper detoxification in Phase 1 and Phase 2 (see my post here for more on that), but we also need proper functioning genes for these phases to work efficiently

>> Hibiscus tea is awesome for high blood pressure 

>> When it comes to gut health, BIFIDUS is the most important micro biome to be getting daily

>> And for all the Donna fans like myself, here is an 8-minute clip from her talk at the Womens Wellness Conference

If you're interested to know more and get your own DNA testing done check out the resources below:


ON THURSDAY: The man you've been waiting to hear from, David Wolfe and the pages and pages of notes I got from that incredible man! You won't wanna miss it!!

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