Nov 6, 2014


Where do I start on this guy? So David Wolfe is perhaps the single most driving factor to having gotten most people to the Womens Wellness Conference. I think. He is the guy who hosts and runs it, but there are so many other speakers there that perhaps a few weren't so fussed to hear David Scrap that! Anyone who has ever seen David Wolfe speak live knows how freakin incredibly amazing he is; how his passion, enthusiasm and energy for what he talks about oozes outta him and you can't help but want what he's having! The generosity, kindness and genuine support he wishes you when you speak to him is not common these days, and you can easily see how special this man is.

Ontop of that, he is a bloody genius. Einsten. Close too. I'm not kidding. I've met and seen him before, had too much cacao and danced the evening away with him also, and will continue to do so as long as I live. 

This weekend he was focusing on COLOUR, and specifically the colour BLUE, due to his latest research for his next book. It was fascinating, rewarding, exciting, and beyond educational to say the least. So I've kinda chunked it down as best I can and have all my notes below for you my lovelies.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did scribbling it all down for you.

COLOUR. David Wolfe has been researching and writing a new book all on COLOUR. And he has discovered that it is in fact the COLOUR that is the most important nutrient in the fruits and vegetables - not the vitamin C or the magnesium - but the colour!

YELLOW = Tissue Building + Tissue Repair

- Resveratrol is yellow (and the Queen of fruit pigments)
- Luetin is yellow (eye health)
- Quercetin is yellow (anti histamine)
- Folate is yellow
- Beta-carotene is always yellow (the molecule itself is yellow)
- Joy and Happiness (St Johns Wort, the anti-depressant herb, is in fact yellow, and has been correlated with quercetin)

ORANGE = Anti-inflammatory

- Curcumin in tumeric is my go-to when someone wants anti-inflammatories
- Egg yolks that are super bright orange will contain much more carotenoids, which means higher amounts of Vitamin A (than yolks that are more yellow)

RED = Heart and Blood

- Any red foods are automatically going to be beneficial to your heart and blood; tomatoes, red peppers, strawberries, pomegranate, red grapes...
- And the Vitamin B12 is always red; if it's not red then it isn't vitamin B12 
- Cyanadin is red
- Lycopene is red (and is 5x stronger than Vitamin C as an antioxidant)

GREEN = Detoxification

- Neutraliser
- Deodoriser
- Liver help
- Green on the inside means you're clean on the inside
- Underneath green there is always yellow. So your old kale that was once green and is now yellow, it didn't turn yellow... it always was yellow! The green chlorophyll disintegrates over time and thus why we see yellow!
- SPINACH is the most nutritious leafy green, but it is also high in oxalates which can agitate some people by aggravating their kidneys. Just make sure to swap your green up regularly
- CHLORELLA has the highest chlorophyll content of any plant in the world - sitting up at 10%
- GREEN OLIVES contain oliruepin and chlorophyll

BROWN = Intestines + Bowel

- Coffee!!
- CHOCOLATE contains all fruit pigments. So the whole... cacao comes from a plant, therefore it's a vegetable, and I can eat it everyday meme... not entirely correct. It's actually a fruit. But continue eating it! Cacao is actually purple when it is fresh, but over time it turns brown. And everyone is effected by it very differently - children, adults, elderly, men, women...
Chocolate is also a very effective delivery system for herbal medicine. Magnesium in chocolate works as a dilator. So does the theobromine, and the anthocyanins. Blood vessels opened, nutrients in.

BLACK = Longevity

- Super stress buster
- Our ability to survive
- Chaga mushrooms!!
- Dying? Eat truckloads of black foods

WHITE = Lungs

- Noni fruit is white to pale yellow, and contains very powerful laxatives called iridoids

BLUE = Stem Cell Stimulant

- This colour is very hard for nature to produce
- A very organised colour
- As we age stem cells in our blood decline. But there is plenty still sitting in our bone marrow... 
- Giving blood and bone marrow actually has a youthening effect as they stimulate more production of those substances in the body

EXTRA: If you want to really drive the colour pigments into your cells better, use alcohol or fermenting. So your kombucha... add red raspberries for nutrients as well as supporting your heart and blood, and the fermentation will drive those reds into your cells!



Anthocyanins -- purples
Chlorophyll -- greens
Flavanoids -- fruit
Melanin -- mushrooms
Quinones -- herbal laxatives
Betalains -- see below
Carotenoids -- orange / yellow / red (oil pigments)
Iridoids - noni and olive leaf
Porphyrins - vitamin B12, phycocyanin, hemoglobin


Additional bits n pieces you won't wanna miss!!

Sea Buckthorn ---> has 50% fruit pigments and 50% vegetable pigments and the only food to have so. This means a very broad antioxidant spectrum going on! And it has been taken to outer space!! As food for the astronauts, which means this stuff is GOLD (and it is)!!

Insects ---> Ants are intact the highest food source of zinc. And raw food bars made from crickets are about to hit Aussie shores. Other countries eat insects yet we find it disgusting. Only time will tell where we all go with this... Personally I've taken Ant Extract in supplement form with no problems.

Carotenoids ---> Yellow, Orange, Red and are always present in green foods!!
They are oil soluble (think of them like oil paints) so they need FAT/oil to be absorbed in to the physical body. GREEN JUICES NEED OIL IN THEM IF YOU WANT TO ABSORB THE CAROTENOIDS!! Beta carotene is 3x more powerful than vitamin C. And AVOCADOES are one of the richest sources of all carotenoids PLUS they contain fat so absorption is off the charts!

ALCOHOL ---> If you're going to consume alcohol the way to do it is to really pump up what you put in it, as alcohol (and ferments like kombucha) go straight into your bloodstream! Superfood it up! Add fresh berries, goji berries, turmeric, reishi or chaga mushroom tinctures. 

WATER + SALT ---> are the most important nutrients of all. More so than food. And apparently most scientists agree on this one.

Anti-Stimulants ---> SALT is the most common of all! Put a pinch in your coffee next time to balance out your adrenals. Another substance that I use daily is Mucuna. Another anti-stimulant I put it in my cacao smoothies to balance the cacao. Mucuna is also super duper high in naturally occurring L-Dopa, which is the precursor to Dopamine, which makes you feel less anxious. And if you didn't already put 2 and 2 together... Parkinsons disease is from a lack of Dopamine forming.... get these patients onto Mucuna! (Side note: other foods that you want to use in Parkinsons cases include coconut oil, omega 3 essential fatty acids, and chaga). The Chinese herb He Shou Wu is another anti-stimulant (and naturally high in resveratrol), as is Reishi.

Melanin ---> Is the most energy-intense compound for our body to make, and why vitiligo/albinism.grey hair are all so common. Chaga tea is very rich in melanin as are mushrooms.
Any skin condition such as vitiligo, tinea, or fungus needs melanin to help treat it. And you're gonna get the best melanin from the sun! I had what looked like eczema that started on my arm and ended up all over my torso, back and crotch. A week lying in the sun on the beach was all it took to disappear! 

Beta Laines ---> These have qualities like neurotransmitters. They are the best things for your heart and for your cardiovascular system. Yellow. Orange. Red. Little bits of Purple. Things like beetroot, spinach, chard, cactus. Other foods that you really want to be eating for your cardiovascular health are oranges and grapefruits (due to the bioflavanoids) and the black grape seeds (don't spit them out!)

LONG STANDING INFECTION ---> Say a systemic fungal infection or even cancer; 
- Avoid high levels of sugars, high protein and high fats
- Consume reishi and chaga for your immune support (astragalus if you can't do mushrooms)
- Add probiotics back in
- FYI cancer cells have 6-13x more insulin receptors on them than other cells

OMEGA 3 SUPPLEMENTATION ---> I'm so glad he went over this because I get asked everyday at work. How much should you be taking?
1g daily is sufficient for healthy individuals (who also consume oily fish 2-3x a week in my opinion)
3g if you have joint problems
5-6g if you have neurological problems
But again I will emphasise checking with your Nutritionist on this issue for you personally, as I would be suggesting even higher dosages for certain individuals. If you're vegan, algae is often a better source than flax.

And last but not least...

The Top 5 Longevity Foods:

  1. Cacao
  2. Olive oil
  3. Dark red wine
  4. Honey
  5. Cinnamon / Onion / Garlic

And there you have it! My 7-Part Series to the phenomenal 3 days at the Women's Wellness Conference in California this year. Here's to next year...


  1. I absolutely loved this post. I learned more from this one than from any other! I agree that David Wolfe is amazing, and I will be anxiously awaiting his Colour book ! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us readers, I am grateful for you!

  2. Your most welcome Lisa! Thanks for your gorgeous comment. I too think David is amazing. Here's to learning more about COLOUR!! :)

  3. It’s great news that there might be a cure through black pepper finally. I have waited so many year to hear some progress for a cure for vitiligo.