Nov 20, 2014


For us in the southern hemisphere, we're gearing up for another out-of-this-world-amazingly-hot Summer. Am I right? Isn't Summer what we live for down under? I know I do (hence why I moved to the tropics... all year round baby!) 

I want to give you a regimen that will gently cleanse your system to have you feeling and looking your best come Christmas Day. I know it's still a little while off but these changes don't happen over night.
Why go on a full on detox only after all the cake and eggnog when you can prepare your body beforehand, to easily work with the extra goodies we like to indulge in over the silly season? No brainer.

So here are my tips to Cleanse before Christmas (Cake)

// Upon arising each morning, drink a tall glass of water at room temperature. Take your daily probiotic supplement here too if you've got one. Then out the door for some movement and fresh air.
This does a number of things for you and your body:
  1. Hydrates you after 8 hours without water
  2. Get your bowels in motion
  3. Wakes you up from the inside out when your retina see's the sunshine of the morning
  4. Allows fresh air into your lungs, as most of us work indoors too long each day
  5. And get's us moving which again improves bowel function, lymphatic function, sweating responses and deep breathing... all of which greatly enhance all detoxification processes

// Brew more herbal tea. I like to make a big pot each night and then chill it in the fridge over night. This way you can still get the incredible cleansing benefits from herbs whilst hydrating with cool water each day (I make at least a litre). Grab a cleanse mix or try any of the following: Dandelion (great liver and digestion herb), Nettle (blood cleanser, high in iron), Calendula (skin help), Red Clover (blood cleanser), Peppermint (digestive soother), Ginger (digestive help) or any others you love.

// Eat vegetables from the Brassica family, which includes cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, turnip, and collards. These contain glucosinolates, which contain sulfur compounds that help protect the liver and improve it’s ability to eliminate toxins and excess hormones. Aim for two servings a day.

// Cut back on coffee, alcohol and processed sugars. I know none likes hearing those words but all three of those play havoc with your adrenals, resulting in you feeling way more tired than you should be. They also dehydrate our skin and are big contributing factors to wrinkles, dull skin, dark circles under our eyes, and dry skin. And in the lead up to what is often more parties and occasions that have more alcohol and sugar on offer, it's best to keep what you can control to a minimum. Try having grog only on weekend all December. Or cut your sugar down to fresh fruits only. The first week is often tough but after that you feel so good it's easy to stick too (oh and you'll be looking mighty fine!)

// Take five CONSCIOUS BREATHING breaks per day. I know Dr Libby is a huge fan of breathe-work and for good reason. As shallow breathers, we're in a stress response the entire time. And that means holding onto weight, our adrenals going bonkas, which leads to fatigue, poor blood flow, stagnation, congested skin, and so much more. Deep diaphragmatic breathing increases oxygen flow, increases alertness and focus, metabolises stress hormones and puts our nervous system into rest-and-relaxation mode. All of which both supports and is part of a good cleansing regime.

So stop what you’re doing right now. And do the following: Take a nice long slow deep breath through your nose. Pay attention to how your lower rib cage expands. Relax the back of your throat. Hold it for a count of five. Then slowly exhale. Repeat five times. Voila! Do that daily.


Easy Peasy Christmas Cheezy!

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