Oct 30, 2014

WOMENS WELLNESS CONFERENCE PART 5: Nadine Artemis and our Lady Garden


Essentially important information for all females here, I've put it in dot-points so it can be scanned over quite quickly if you don't have a lot of time up your sleeve.

Nadine Artemis is the creator of Living Libations, an exquisite line of serums, elixirs and essentials oils for those seeking the purest of the pure botanical health and beauty products on the planet.

An innovative aromacologist, Nadine's fresh paradigm for beauty and her natural approach to health presents a revolutionary vision: it allows the life-force of flowers, dewdrops, plants, sun, and water to be the ingredients of healthy living and lets everything unessential, contrived, and artificial fall away.

And at a conference run by David Wolfe, Nadine needs little introduction. Here are her tips for making babies and tending to our lady garden, as she so eloquently put it.

For Healthy Baby Making:

YES to Probiotics
YES to Fermented foods
YES to Clearing candida in both female and her partner
YES to Sunshine
YES to Essential oils
YES to Healing your gut
NO to Synthetic underwear
NO to Mycotoxins in foods
NO to Synthetic products

// We need vaginal micro-biome to be healthy so we can then make babies = pre- and pro-biotics along with fermented foods if your body thrives off them (not everyone does)

// Any inflammation in the pregnant female can lead to premature birth = treat accordingly with your nutritionist (or email me and we can sort it out)

For Healthy Lubrication:

// Probiotics
// Healthy fats
// Herbs; Vitex, evening primrose oil, Yam, Black Cohosh
// Sunshine
// Cotton underwear
// Aloe vera
// Baths with magnesium and essential oils
// No tampons use
// No synthetic soap use
// No shaving nether region
// No douching

And she also threw in a special healing recipe she coined LOVE LUBE! Sounds especially aromatic and delicious. Try it for yourself...

~ Cacao butter
~ Coconut oil
~ Sandalwood essential oil
~ Ylang ylang essential oil

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