Oct 12, 2010

A (biased) wedding meal to die for

I feel like I've soooooo much to play catch up on it's like I'm talking to a girlfriend who I havn't seen in MONTHS!

So, the reasons for my absense from blogging in a week and a half... there's the moving out of ONE home, BACK home to mums for a week then into the NEW home with Brock. All in 2 weeks. It's been stressful, busy, EXCITING, fun, and we're still unpacking and getting everything in order. I'll be sure to post some pics up when it's all pretty and complete but here's one of our sunny backyard -

Then there's work - at the health food shop I love - my boss came back from her 2 month honeymoon so I got a well deserved break last week (which beautifully coincided with moving house so not really a break), but back to work this week - 7days straight too! But I can't complain; if I wasnt working I'd probably be visiting the girls to say hi :)

College is back so I've been trying to organise myself there. I've got clients, assignments, presentations and weekly work to keep up with. Seeing the girls again is awlays nice. I LOVE our class - we've become a sisterhood who know one another upside down and inside out. Like family :)

And then last Friday, Brock, Berry, and my sisters Nikki and Lisa all piled into the car for a 6hr ROADTRIP out to Narromine in north west NSW for our step-sisters wedding. It was out at our step-dads pub/hotel which meant we were the ones organising it all. GREAT FUN but alot of work. Although it was kinda cool laying out table settings and blowing up balloons knowing you were the ones who would be appreciating it all a few hours later.
The same with the food. I was preparing the meals for Brock and I. Which meant we could have anything we wanted and that it was gonna taste UNREAL!

And so, my creative juices were flowing for a few weeks prior. What to make? Of course DESSERT got me the most excited but let's start at the beginning...

Mum was the one to come up with an entree idea as she made me a quick, easy, delicious one for Xmas in July. And so she replicated it -

Sliced cucumbers topped with an avocado mash, tomato and onion relish and alfalfa, garnished with zucchini strips, black pepper and drizzled with olive oil.

Our main dish was an Asian-inspired salad. Brock and I wanted something different to what we would normally have and after discussing ingredients, I came up with this -

Shredded cabbage, carrot, corn, cauliflower, snow pea sprouts, alfalfa sprouts, cashew nuts, coriander, and chilli flakes mixed with a dressing of olive oil, soy sauce, fresh lime juice, salt, and pepper.

Perfect textures and contrasts of salty and tangy with sweet corn and carrots.

And then DESSERT... usually my speciality if I do say so, and even this time, I impressed myself. I kept it simple so I didnt have to take too many ingredients away with me, and made a DELICIOUS, smooth, creamy, SOFT, sweet layered parfait pudding I'd like to call...

Choco-Coco-Nana Pudding.

I began with sliced bananas, then a banana and cacao blend. Topped with a date and almond crumble, then a coconut layer (made from coconut flesh, coconut water, soaked cashews and coconut oil). Ontop of that I layered more banana slices and fresh blueberries, then a chia-coconut water mix. More banana-cacao mix, more coconut mix, more bananas, blueberries, and cacao nibs.

It was AMAZING! Brock and I did get a few looks from other guests as to what we were so thoroughly enjoying. Wedding fruit cake was dessert for the rest of the troops. Not so exciting.

The wedding was alot of fun; after a black out and disappearance of photos from the photographers memory stick... we all danced the night away singing and laughing before happily hitting the hay after a very long day.

Ooh, one last thing, the buckwheat pizza Brock and I had almost 2 weeks ago that I promised to show you guys photos of...

Topped with fresh rocket and avo, with side salads to boot! We ate it on the carpet in front of the fire watching a move on TV.

Next post - who knows what I'll write about but I promise it wont be far off!


  1. Your new backyard looks gorgeous, Christie!

    And you made a fantastic wedding menu, shame everyone didn't get to have the same food as you. And your dessert looks particularly awesome!

  2. Thanks Mandee :)

    I was reading your blog last night and I'm loving all you've been doing also. I hope you're well :)

  3. Congrats on your move! Your creations look amazing, especially the cabbage dish - I adore raw cabbage!