Oct 17, 2010

Juice in a bag

What weird wild weather we’ve been having lately here in Sydney!?! Chronic winds, FREEZING temperatures, yet beautiful sunny skies!

So to go with it – a NEW (WEIRD and WILD) thing I tried this week.

Brock surprised me with this –

It’s a juice/smoothie in a bag. I suppose it’s perfect for anyone SERIOUSLY on the go. Cant eat lunch? Grab a juice. Cant wait for a juice? Grab it in a bag! It’s 100% organic ingredients made me smile from ear to ear, but when I ripped it open and began slurping it down while ordering fruit and veg for the shop, the taste wasn’t amazing. Dare I say I prefer my own juices.

I've also started a DETOX this morning. I decided I wanted to do one only yesterday so I've got my herbs, a few interesting recipes up my sleeve and will be following it for 15 days. I'll keep you posted on how I go and in my next blog will share a yummy RECIPE for a quick brekkie that anyone can make.

Until then... Green love and white light

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