Sep 30, 2010

Touching Base

Well I finished my 2 week ACAI CHALLENGE I presented myself with and what since - I'm still having it. I love the stuff! I feel FULL OF BEANS when I have it. And now I can tell customers at work how I feel on it instead of just what I've read about it.

That's the way I like to do things. To try things. To be my own human guinea pig. I've tried, tested and tasted so many new superfoods, herbs, and what-this year, I'll give (almost) anything a go!

I like to see how my body reacts - do I have more energy? Does my skin improve or get worse? How do my nails fair? Are my eyes sparkling? What are my bowels doing?
Maybe not such fun stuff for some people, but I LOVE it! I'm always trying something new...

Recent newbies include:

- liquid chloropyll
- acai
- camu camu powder

Does sour cherry and acai chocolate count? Felt GREAT on that one! ;)

But seriously, I figure how will I know what does or doesn't work for ME without trying? I'd love to know what things you guys have been trying lately?

And I also know that Friday night pizza and ice cream is good for anyone. And that's exactly what I'll be having tomorrow night if I get off my bum now to make my buckwheat pizza dough!

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