Sep 20, 2010

Purple Power

For the last week i've been having ACAI everyday as part of a 2-week challenge I'm putting myself through.
I had a rep from RioLife come into work to fill me in on their latest promotion and suggested I do a 2 week Vitality Challenge - consuming ACAI everyday for 2weeks to see how I feel afterwards.

So far so GREAT! I have loads of energy!!

A few weeks ago I wasn't feeling so great emotionally which in turn led to decreased energy levels, and I've found that with the ACAI (which has also helped me make better food choices all round) I'm feeling alot better.

If you've never tried it before I'd highly recommend it. Aside from being an INCREDIBLY cool colour (rich, deep, dark, purple), it's got loads of vitamins and minerals, fibre, and POTENT amounts of antioxidants (fighting the nasty free radicals that come along to cause cell damage and aging). It's also a low GI food, making sure the energy from it is released into your bloodstream sloooooowly which prolooooooooongs the ENERGY supply and doesn't send you sky high to only come crashing back down just as fast.

At work the other day I made myself a DELICIOUS smoothie...

... with almond milk, frozen bananas, protein powder and ACAI.


  1. I'd be interested to see how the rest of the challenge goes. I'm not too keen on the taste of acai but I know its so good for you I feel I should eat it.

    Also just wanted to check you got my email with the recipe? xxx

  2. im loving it so far, the taste do9esnt bother me at all. kinda berry-like. and yes i got ur email thank you very much :)