Sep 13, 2010

Where have I been?

I've been a little slack in blogging of late and I suppose with no real reason other than not getting around to doing it!

So here are a few piccies of what I've been up too...

Green juicing in the sun

Walking across the Harbour Bridge on my way to the Ultimate Success Summit where I was lucky enough to hear Sir Richard Branson speak

Then sat by Darling Harbour in the sun eating my salad and a yummy cinnamon Larabar

Enjoyed a quick cabbage salad one evening - with parsley, carrot, mung beans, sultanas

Here's my lunch at work when I couldnt get out of the shop for my break - greens, broccoli, avo, and my tasty green superfood powder with a couple of pieces of my raw bread with creamy hemp seed butter mmm

John Butler Trio concert a week ago which was INCREDIBLE!!

And yesterday I spent the day with my beautiful mum. We went to my FAVOURITE organic markets after a late brekkie and I had a ball! Sunshine. Energy. People. I bought a few different raw balls made from different yummies like dates, orange, coconut, tahini, sultanas... indulged... Then we ventured down to Dee Why for a long walk on the beach in the sun before heading back home for a late lunch. I pottered round doing a few things, spent some time with my little sis and then we had BIG salads for dinner on the couch glued to the new series of MasterChef - Junior before hitting the hay. Great Sunday :)

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