Sep 25, 2010

A Sunny Friday Round Town

Friday morning was my first day off all week - and to be my only day off. My cousin has recently returned from ITALIA so we decided to meet up for chit chats, and I remebered this cool little Asian tea place in Chatswood where there is a beautiful little garden out the back.

We were the only people there for a while so it was beautifully quiet. The weather was so warm, the SUN WAS SHINING, and after narrowing down the extensive menu to what we thought sounded best (and then of course checking with the waitress), this is what we got...

Mine is a Roselle and Plum Icey tea, and Bernadette's was a Japanese Green Tea ice cream slushie thingy... Perfect in the sun. Cool. Refreshing. Different. And Delicious :)

We sat there BASKING in the sunshine, playing catch ups and laughing, doing what girls do best :) And then I had to head off for lunch with Brock - on the roof of our apartment, again, BASKING in the sunshine, before a few hours at college. But not before a banana - or TWO.

Check it out! LOVER BANANAS! The shape of two bananas inside of one banana peel. I've never seen one like it it was AWESOME!

Peeled it open it they weren't actually stuck together like I was secretly hoping for.

So I got Brock to share it with me - although being the banana fein I am, I did pretty much eat both after he posed for my photo :)

Then to top my day off, Friday night I was at home alone after college and a long week at work, so made myself a DELICIOUSLY BIG salad...

On a bed of rocket, kale and salad leaves I had cucumber, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, avocado, and mushies, sprinkled with lecithin, dukkah and drizzled with flaxseed oil. Yummo!

But hang out for the dinner date I had this evening...

Until next time...

Green Love and White Light :)

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