Dec 31, 2015


We all love a good REFLECTION don't we? 

For some reason it's felt a little tricker than usual for me to do this week ~ I've put off my written "wrap up" of 2015 and my intentions for 2016... and have been left feeling a little off. Unbalanced. Anxious. It's happened this way for no particular reason really, except that I haven't felt the right time to sit down, go within, and look at it all, and as the Type A Christie likes to have mentally wrapped up one year before moving into the next, it's felt challenging internally.
Alas... here I am typing a few things down and I suppose I can add these to my written book when I get the chance to be with myself; in a park under a tree, at a cafe with an organic coffee, or in a tiny nook of someone's house with cushions and candles.

For now... here we go. My 2015  G R A T I T U D E.  L I S T.

// I am grateful for the opportunity to start my own business

// I am grateful for the part-time jobs and casual jobs I have had at health food stores and cafes that I love and get so much joy out of being a part of

// I am grateful for the travel - be in short and sweet or longer - to explore, share, EAT, and see loved ones

// I am grateful for our home in Cairns that we love so dearly. Overlooking the ocean. As next year we'll be moving outta that one

// I am grateful for the money in my bank accounts

// I am so thankful to my numerous health practitioners that are amazing, and who are supporting, educating and leading me in the direction of better health both for myself and those I work with

// I am so grateful for my clearer skin!! (it's been a loooooooong time coming)

// I am thankful for the abundance of fresh local + organic produce in my home town

// I am thankful for the amazing souls that have entered my world, and to all the spectacular one's already in my world, challenging me, lifting my up, supporting me, making me laugh and loving me unconditionally

// I am so grateful for sunrises, sunsets, salt water, sandy beaches and Mother Nature in all her glory

// I am thankful for RnB Fridays that light me up from the inside out

// I am grateful for music artists I love doing what they do best ~ seeing John Butler Trio in Kuranda's Ampitheatre stomping around in the mud and the rain with my bestie's; moshing and head banging in a sweaty mosh pit to Jebadiah on their 20 Year Anniversary (makes me feel old!); listening to Justin Beiber's new album Purpose on repeat; and of course, Michael Buble and Hanson Christmas Carols (coz no Xmas is complete without them)

// I am so grateful for the man in my life who drives me crazy and keeps me sane at the same time; who cuddles me when I cry but knows when I need to console myself; who travels the world with me, has the same love of organics, who holds a higher vision of me than myself somedays, and who is always by my side, for better or worse. Baby I love you.

// And lastly but certainly not least, I am GRATEFUL FOR YOU. My reader. Whether you pop in here weekly, fortnightly, or once in a blue moon. You keep me going. You keep me inspired and on the look out. I love hearing from you and hope to connect with you more in 2016.

Have a spectacular New Years Eve. Stay safe. Be well. And whatever happens, get up tomorrow and get your ass to the ocean. There's nothing better than salt water on January 1st. 

See you in the New Year :)

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