Dec 1, 2015


WELL IT'S OFFICIALLY DECEMBER! Can you believe it! It was a training this morning we were chatting about it... and how quickly the year seems to fly by. But as a kid, it seemed to take  f o r e v e r  except when it was the school holidays, which also flew by.

Are we not as present to our daily life when it seems to fly past us? Or it simply a case of "Time flies when you're having FUN"? I'm not going to dwell on it too much - I like to jam as much FUN stuff into my days (read: into my life) as I can so I'm always doing what I love, whether time stands still or moves at the speed of light!


I LOVE a good truffle ball. At my local cafe where the fridge is full of local, raw, paleo treats, I only ever get the same chocolate fudge truffle ball. Rum balls have been my fav ever since I was a little kid, but then I created my own recipe as I'm yet to see a packet of rum balls at a store with ingredients list I would consider real food. And so, I make them every year. I also make rich chocolate coconut truffle balls that melt in your mouth at the begging-instructions from my little sister (not a rum ball fan). So... safe to say, I'm a rich chocolate 'ball' fan!

These delicious Chocolate Mud Truffles are not my recipe though; they hail from Sweet Food Story by Dr Libby and Chef Cynthia Louise (both geniuses in their own right) are can make a wonderful Christmas gift (or a delicious addition to your fridge)!

Chocolate Mud Truffles

Truffle mixture:
1 cup raw brazil nuts
3 Medjool dates, pitted and coarsely chopped
½ cup currants
3 Tablespoons maple syrup
1 large beetroot, peeled and grated
1 cup desiccated coconut
¼ cup cacao powder
1 tablespoon psyllium husk

50g cacao butter, melted
½ cup raw cashew nuts
¼ cup cacao powder
¼ cup maple syrup
1 teaspoon lemon juice
½ teaspoon tamari

For the truffle mixture:

1. Grind the brazil nuts in a food processor, then set them aside in a bowl.
2. Combine the dates, currants and maple syrup in the bowl of the food processor and pulse until smooth.
3. Blend the date mixture with the ground nuts and the grated beetroot in a large bowl.
4. Add the coconut, cacao powder and psyllium husks to the bowl and stir them in until blended with the date and nut mixture.
5. Scrape the mixture back into the bowl of the food processor and pulse until the ingredients are well combined and finely textured.
6. Set aside ¼ cup of mixture to use later. Roll tablespoons of remaining mixture into firm balls. Make a hole in each ball with your thumb. Place in fridge to set while making the filling.

For the filling:
1. Gently melt the cocoa butter over a low heat in a small saucepan then allow it to cool.
2. Combine the cashews, cacao powder, maple syrup, lemon juice and tamari in a high speed blender and process until the nuts are well ground.
3. With the motor running, pour in the melted cocoa butter and blend until smooth.
4. Pour small amounts of the chocolate filling into the holes of the balls. Use the mixture that you set aside to fill the holes. Refrigerate or freeze to set.

Makes 15 truffles. 30 minutes. Freezer friendly.

Nutritional Information
Eating these truffles supplies your body with so much nourishment! They contain beetroot, which supplies the liver with nutrients to improve detoxification and elimination, as well as nitric oxide to improve circulation, oxygen delivery to tissues and regulate blood pressure. The brazil nuts are rich in minerals and provide a wonderful dose of selenium and magnesium. The nuts, beetroot and psyllium all contribute dietary fibre, essential for maintaining good gut health.

Oh, Oh, Oh before you go... (see what I did there)...

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