Dec 8, 2015


A few of you would have already seen this (perks of being part of the newsletter tribe) but I am yet to birth it into the online space here.

XMAS SURVIVAL GUIDE :: Tips + Tricks for a Healthy Happy Holiday Season

In this ebook I've covered everything you need to easily and effortlessly have a great festive season, stay healthy and happy, look after your sanity and your gut... all in a delightful instant download ebook.

You'll get tips + tricks on:

// Hydration ~ why it's important, how much do we need, and how to balance alcohol intake of you choose to drink these holidays

// Food Choices ~ making wise ones when there is often a table full/fridge full/panty full of temptations

// Movement ~ why it's my non-negotiable when staying with family and extended family; how it can help you maintain both sanity and weight related intentions, and my favourite quick and effective workouts

// You time ~ why you need to schedule this in and how to make it work (coz without a little you time, you'll likely go mad)

// Gut Goodies ~ coz we all eat a few delicious morsels that our taste buds love that our tummies might not... this is where my tricks come outta the bag!

// Being flexible and saying no ~ these perhaps sound counter intuitive but I promise you they're not

// Doing things you love ~ putting yourself first and practicing a little self care goes a long way

+ PLUS a daily checklist as gentle reminders for the above
+ AND my famous rum ball recipe to print off

A simple and enjoyable read, one to boil the kettle for a put your feet up reading one afternoon.

Breeze through the holiday season filled with health, happiness and a batch of guilt free rum balls!

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