Feb 12, 2015


If you hadn't already clued on, yep, it's Valentines Day this weekend. Whether you believe/participate/love or hate it, I see it as an excuse to eat more chocolate than usual and snuggle up on the couch with a good movie and my gorgeous man. Go all out or not at all... we can all have a little more chocolate in our lives now can't we? 

So here is a small collection of a few recipes I've made over the years that will satisfy any loved-up sweet tooth, is perfect for sharing, and will not ruin your health like a block of Cadbury might.

Chewy Chocolate Fudge Squares >>> Deliciously rich, chocolately and chewy. More more could you want?

4 Chocolate Recipes to share with your lover >>> Sugar free, White Almond, Regular, and Superfood versions. All super easy and ready in 5 minutes.

Rich Chocolate Brownie Blondies >>> Paleo. Vegan. Flavoursome. Yum.

Raw Raspberry Tarts >>> For a sweet and tangy bite. These present beautifully.

10 minute Carob Cake >>> Chop, blend, mould, ice. You're done! And great for anyone who prefers carob over cacao (although you can substitute any of these recipes for one or the other)

Hot Chocolate >>> If it happens to be a chilly day where you are, or you feel like something warm at breakfast or after dinner.

Vanilla Latte (sans coffee) >>> My favourite way to start the day (feel free to use coffee here tho). Delish!

Want more sugar free chocolate? Check out Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar; The Chocolate Recipe eBook Volumes 1 and 2. Ps. You can download them instantly!

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