Feb 17, 2015


For a while now I've had ideas, thoughts, and creations brewing inside of me. Not slowly bubbly, but more of a 
BAM - Here's an idea Christie! Run with it! And not because it's a good idea, a lucrative idea, or one none else is really doing... but because it feels. so. damn. right.

If you know me, you'll know that unless something is FUN I won't be doing it. Movement, travel, books, online courses, catch ups with friends... You name it. If I don't find it to be fun, I'm in no way interested. And this... oh man does it feel FUN.

It's a known right of passage that when you leave Nutrition school (if you will) you take on any client that comes to you just so you have clients, you get practice, you start making money, and Voila! All of a sudden you're already doing what you love and getting paid to do it! All those years of study pale in comparison to the excitement you feel when you land your first client.

However, it's never said that what if you already know the niche of people you would love more than anything to work with... what do you do then? Start marketing towards them and following those vibes? Or do as we all know to do and are led to do - and see any man and his dog, from 7yr old girls who won't eat to 56yr old men with high cholesterol?

It's only been a few months but I'm already loud and proud, happy to tell any student to go for the latter (if you know your niche - and if not, see anybody until you work it out). Why? Because as I said above, IT. JUST. FEELS. SO. DAMN. GOOD. to sink your teeth into exactly what it is that YOU KNOW makes you come ALIVE.

Which brings me to my new offerings...

I want to work with female entrepreneurs. Business women ~ and perhaps men but my main focus will be women. Savvy, sexy, women who have a burning desire to make a difference in the world.
They run their own business. Or are at the beginnings of doing so. They're juggling web design, content creation, photography, products and services, all whilst having their house, partner, potential children and everything else going on. They are nailing it! They are a pleasure to be around and bounce ideas off, have an enthusiasm you wish you could bottle, but something may be missing...

And HEALTH just isn't their passion or hobby, and as such, they need a professional to help support them to step up their game here.

And where I am so freakin' excited to start getting my hands dirty!!

Women who WANT MORE.

>> More energy to create the projects you cannot put down

>> Better sleep quality to have more FUN everyday doing what it is that makes you come alive

>> Fast food recipes to fuel you through your day, not weigh you down or have you in the kitchen designing dinner for 4 hours

>> Workouts that will energise you, not drain you, and that are functional, fast and fun

>> Peak performance, optimal brain power, impressive memory recall and exceptional focus


I've chosen to work with individuals who are frothing over what they are doing and creating in life, not berating their 9-5 job and taking the edge off with TV dinners and alcohol each evening.

I've chosen to work with individuals who value their health and wellbeing, knowing that without it, their business is worthless.

I've chosen to work with those who see preventative measures as true successes in their work and life.

I've chosen to work with clients that know too well burnout and fatigue are not options, and they are choosing to upgrade their health and wellness for themselves and those who surround them.


So my dear, Watch out for:

+ E-books, e-courses, on-the-go recipes, menu plans, travel tips, supplement suggestions, and slim down plans for female entrepreneurs

+ Webinars just for my newsletter subscribers, and even more selective ones for my one-on-one clients

+ More and more amazing blog posts on optimal living, entrepreneurial travel, foods for cognitive function, focus and laser clarity... Tips to sleep better, eat better, move better, look better... Quick, easy, time-poor tips for incredible health, stable energy levels, and to build strength in your body... Plus loads more! Whilst making them all specific to YOU - the sexy, sassy woman you are.

+ Collaborations for YOU with my top health coaches, yoga teachers, personal trainers, chefs, and business women who are already having success in both business and health

:: Whatta' ya think? Does this sound like something you're yearning for? Something that instantly invokes a HELL YEAH inside of you? I would LOVE to hear your comments below as after all, you're my reader! I look forward to reading more from you... Peace.