Oct 16, 2014

WOMENS WELLNESS CONFERENCE PART 1: Lissa Rankin and Mind Over Medicine


Q. What does my body need to heal?
Q. What might my body be saying no too?

I am a huuuuge fan of Lissa Rankin! HUGE! So as soon as I knew she would be at the Womens Wellness Conference I was like BAM! I'm going! And it just so happened that we would be in California when this 3 day event was to be held in Costa Mesa. So I booked the tickets and now I'm here to give you everything I learnt in a 7 Part Series.

And I'm kicking it off with Lissa Rankin. If you are yet to come across this remarkable woman's work, in a nutshell, Lissa is leading a health care revolution to empower patients to heal themselves, while encouraging the health care industry to embrace and facilitate, rather than resist, such medical "miracles." With an incredible personal story of how she got to where she is today, I highly encourage anyone and everyone to watch all her TedX talks: 


Without further adieu, here are my favourite take-home points from Lissa's talk:

>> CHILL OUT!! All self healing mechanisms are turned off when we are in the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) - also known as Fight or Flight. So if we have some type of inflammatory condition, a minor issue of some sort, skin problems, a digestive upset ( I could go on)... our body's own intelligence and self healing cannot and will not take place so long as we are STRESSED.
Yeah Yeah I hear you say... It's not that easy. Well sweetheart I'm here to tell you it is. It's YOUR CHOICE how you decide to PERCEIVE THE STRESS in your life. You may not like hearing that but that's the cold hard truth. So, as a start, here are some ways you can minimise it:

          -- Daily physical activity
          -- Meditation
          -- Deep breathing practices
          -- Get rid of anything in your life that you don't LOVE (the crap job, dud relationship, clutter)
          -- Get enough sleep and plenty of downtime
          -- Do MORE of the things that LIGHT YOU UP!
          -- See a natural health practitioner for some individualised herbal remedies

>> GET SOCIAL!! Lissa says social isolation is the number 1 stressor in the USA right now. Community is soooooo beneficial for your health - more so than quitting smoking or alcohol so new research shows. 

          -- Pre-plan weekend activities with mates
          -- Join a local group - be it sport, craft, parents support, cooking class
          -- Call friends and family more often (commit to once a week at first even)

>>> Lissa's 6 Steps to Healing <<<

1. Believe you can heal yourself

2. Find the right support

3. Listen to your body and intuition

4. Diagnose root causes of illness (and make peace with them)

5. Write the prescription for yourself

6. Surrender attachement to outcomes

A great exercise Lissa mentioned doing is where you let the physical ailment write a letter to YOU.
For example, 

          Dear Christie, 
          (writing whatever comes up and out)

          Love your acne

Q. What does it want to tell you?
Q. What does it want you to know?

No amount of green juice can fix what happens if your body is in chronic repetitive stress responses.

I would love to hear if you liked this blog, and if you are also a Lissa Rankin fan like myself! Or perhaps you had never heard of her and now you're intrigued... Look forward to reading your thoughts. 


  1. Just listened to one of her Ted talks today and loved it! Even took notes! Looking forward to her new book Mind over Medicine.