Oct 23, 2014

WOMENS WELLNESS CONFERENCE PART 3: Bruce Lipton + The Honeymoon Effect and Marianne Williamson + The Divine Feminine


I've lumped these two incredible speakers together - not because either of them had nothing great to say, as it was quite the opposite. I was so enthralled in what both Bruce and Marianne had to say, and the energy that oozed out of them up on stage, that I took barely any notes at all. Here is what I did take down:

>> Bruce Lipton

This is the guy you wished you had as your biology teacher in school. He has an energy and passion for what he is talking about that you can't help but get excited and sit on the edge of your set leaning into him. A fan of his work written about in his book The Biology of Belief, it was more his work in his latest book The Honeymoon Effect, that he was talking about at this conference.

// Our environment controls our cells; not our genes (the premise of everything in The Biology of Belief)

// You are a victim if your genes control your life/your cells
// You are a master if your environment controls your life/your cells

// FACT; there is no gene that causes cancer

// Our cell is a reflection of the environment; not the genes
// The reflection of the cell is a reflection of the culture medium (look at exercise and good nutrition versus no movement and crap eating habits)

// The function of the mind is to create coherence between BELIEFS and "reality"

// Good vibes / High vibes / LIFE / Excitement / Energy
// Bad vibes / Low vibes / DEATH / Threat / No energy

// In LOVE we release healthy happy hormones
// In FEAR we release unhealthy unhappy destructive hormones

And how delicious is this analogy and picture.... 

Crown Chakra ------------------ MIND                  
Third Eye ----------------------- MIND                      
Throat Chakra ------------------ MIND                           When mind and body 
                                                                                       are harmonious, 
Heart <----------------------------------                              they meet at the heart.
Solar Plexus -------------------- BODY                     
Sacral Chakra ------------------ BODY                       
Root Chakra -------------------- BODY           


Plenty there to digest and ponder on... Grab his books for a greater dive into it all.

>> Marianne Williamson


I'll be honest - I have never read a Marianne Williamson book. I've read bits and pieces out of several, but never one in it's entirety. My mum and my sisters all have a bunch and have read them, but not I. I was very eager to hear her speak regardless. Her topic was The Divine Feminine and in parts was very funny, and other parts had me in tears. Overall... I loved hearing her speak but there was something in it that I didn't love - which I can't put my finger on. Needless to say, a few magical moments outlined below...

// You can't talk about a healthy body when only speaking of the physical body

// Source of sickness is when we identify with the body

// Physical exercise is done ---> to MOVE
// Spiritual exercise is done ---> to stay STILL

// Fear is the absence of love
// Darkness is the absence of light

// We take a daily shower to wash off yesterdays dirt... We meditate to wash off yesterdays emotional dirt


>>> Stay tuned next week for Roy Dittman and Nadine Artemis's recaps.

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