Apr 29, 2014



So you want bucketloads of energy. Loads of it. All the time. Especially first thing in the morning. Where did that energy you used to have get too anyway?

This is something all to common these days. And for many many reasons. Such is why it's tricky to give someone a one-liner of advice when they ask me about this. Yes you should have energy everyday. Every. Day. Even in the evenings, although it should be tapering off by then. How come then so many people are pushing themselves through the day, everyday, with out it, knowing too well how amazing they used to feel when they had it!?!

Pressure. Lack of education on the matter. Stress - perceived stress more so. And the constant never ending chasing your tail with work, social life, lack of sleep, all whilst waking up with caffeine and chilling out with vino. I hate to break it to you hun, but if it's energy (health, fertility, happiness, I could go on) that you want, something's gotta give.

What are you eating?

If you're running on cereal for brekkie, coffee on your commute, a square sandwich for lunch with a diet coke on the side, another coffee and perhaps some dark choccie come mid-arvo slump (coz the dark stuff is good for you right?), and then spag bowl for dinner... you're doing yourself no favours in terms of amping your energy levels up. Processed carbs and refined sugars have very little place in wholefood-eating to be frank. They are void of nutrition and without adequate nutrition, your body is starving, and you're expecting it to run optimally? Like the analogy of a car - if you put anything other than petrol in your tank do you think it's gonna smoothly roll outta the gas station? Nuh-uh.

What are you drinking?

Coffee. The word alone sparks so many emotional responses in people, myself included. I adore the aromas, the sound of beans grinding, the choices available and the countries influences on flavour... As a barista for 8years I felt no greater pleasure than making the perfect cup of coffee, which in turn made my customers day. Everyday. But now, I know that my body cannot have coffee. Most of the time - and by that I mean 95% of the time. And on the occasions I do, it's minimal, a weak one, and with food.

Caffeine for most people these days is only making their energy levels worse, their stress levels soar, their waistlines expand, and their skin dull. Wine at the opposite end of the day is doing a few similar things, and regardless of how many studies you read on resveratrol, if you're reaching for a glass every night to chill out, I dare you to try a night off. Too hard? Then you've gotta get off the stuff completely. I hate to break it to you hunny, but coffee and wine are your worst enemies if you cannot bear a day without them. And if this is the case, they're running your body ragged.

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Water. Feeling tired when you wake up? Drink a big glass of water. Then get going. What about that mid arvo slump? Or writers block at the computer? Just as thirst means you're already dehydrated, energy slumps can also mean your lacking water. Your brain needs water more than anywhere else in your body and it can only get it if you drink it.

Are you moving your body?

For low energy, lagging enthusiasm, and even depression, exercise comes up trumps time and time again as the easiest, sure-fire way to treat these. By moving your body, blood flow starts pumping harder, oxygen uptake is increased and more of it is entering your lungs, whilst more CO2 is exiting (this in and of itself lowers the acidity in your body which can impact energy levels), your muscles warm up, mobility in your joints increases, and you're on your way to happiness! Jokes aside here, water and movement are two things that can give you proof of their benefits within minutes.

And are you asking and choosing more energy?

Or just berating yourself and beating yourself up for not having it? Everytime I feel my energy lacking, or I wake up still tired, or it's the late arvo slump... I ask "Can I have some more energy now please? Can I have some more energy now please? Can I have some more energy now please?" Again and again and again. I don't always feel a million bucks better in the blink of an eye. But sometimes I might. And I quite often feel lighter and little better, with more of a spring in my step at the very least. It doesn't hurt to ask, and it could change your reality. Give it a go.

So what do I do now?

+ Ask your body "Body, what do you feel like eating?" more and get to know your beautiful physical being, what it thrives off and what makes it dull, lifeless and want to fall asleep

+ Ditch the processed foods in your home and go do a grocery haul this weekend; fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, coconut water, sprouts, essene bread, eggs, animal meats, coconut oil, seaweeds...

+ Try new recipes if you're a take away girl; check out the long list of my recipes, or grab a new book. I'm obsessed with Lola Berry's 20/20 Recipe Book and Sarah Wilsons I Quit Sugar For Life (beats the first one by a mile) at the moment.

+ Cut back on your coffee and alcohol drinking; if that means half strength coffees to begin with, or cut out one everyday if you're drinking a few, or opting for decaf sometimes, whatever works for you do that

+ Move; yoga, swimming, running, walking, kite boarding, pilates, dancing, xtend barre, hiking, rock climbing, surfing... something! And if nothing is motivating you right now, crank some tunes girl and try to stop that booty movin'!

Share in the comments below what you do that helps you keep your energy levels where you function best daily.


  1. Tibetan Rites(based on asanas:) & hatha yoga, chants & meditation!


    1. My mum did the Tibetan Rites for years Cosmic April. Chanting can be bucket loads of fun too! Thanks for sharing :)